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[PBFE FILTER] Fic Update and Beg for help

Thomas Nirvas was a twice divorced correctional officer at the Cook County Jail. The general consensus was that he was good guy; he helped train new guards and has never had a single inmate complaint filed against him. He had a loving wife and had just found out he had a child on the way.
On the night of October 21st, two weeks after being served with a restraining order from his second ex-wife, Nirvas was taken into police custody for the Thursday murders of Laura and Jon Conbime and their three children. Nirvas, who the police say was and "investigative lead" contd on A4

Sweaty hands turned a brittle page.

Nirvas entered a plea today of not guilty in the 1971 murders of a family of five in Beverly. This will be the third trial for Nirvas, the other two have ended in hung juries.

Watery eyes blurred words and a dirty sleeve wiped a running nose. His eyes jumped around as he flipped through the pages, catching random word combinations here and there.

9 days of deliberation returned a guilty verdict today... sentencing is schedu... life without the pos... appeal was turned down today for the...

A heavy hand came down on his shoulder and LJ physically jumped in his seat. His heart raced and the book slipped off his lap into a clutter of dust and torn paper on the floor.

Apologies overlapped and hands bumped as they both scrambled for the book. They were both silent as they tried to organize the now torn pages from the scrapbook.

"You changed your name."

Nick stilled for a moment before answering.

"Yeah. When I was sixteen."


"It was a big case. Teachers always had that sad look in their eye and I couldn't get a job better than fry cook at McDonald's because no one would hire me."

"Your mom let you?"

"She understood."

"I asked if I could change mine when I was twelve, right after dad got sentenced."

"I take it she said no?"

"Yeah. She said he needed," he sniffed and rubbed at his eyes with his right hand, knuckles bloodied and nails bitten. He inhaled a deep breath of air. "She said he needed me more then than ever and that she would burn 'Burrows' into my forehead if I ever managed to change it." LJ scrubbed his hand over his face again and pulled in another surge of air.

"I wish I could say it stops hurting man but it doesn't. Time goes on and eventually you get used to the pain and it just becomes another part of you." Nick placed his hand on LJ’s back; his thumb rubbing small, soothing circles in an attempt to calm the boy down some.

Help me help me help me!

I have no clue where to go from here. I kinda want them to bond over their Dads but I have no real clue what to do now.
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