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Grr... The post that ran away from me.

Right outside of my door the RA and one of the girls here is watching Lotr:RotK on a big screen TV with the sound up REALLY loud. And I'm pissed.

Why am I pissed? I'll tell you why.


Let me explain how this is possible. I spent my life surrounded by guys. And every last one of my brothers and guy friends growing up was obsessed with The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Because of this I vehemently hated anything that had to do with either. I was forced to watch The Hobbit cartoon a few times, and always got so damn bored that I fell asleep.

I have never read the books. I don't have even the slightest idea who dies (Just typed "i dead"). I have somehow managed to keep myself pretty much spoiler-free for the most part, though I did get in trouble for threatening a friend/fellow student yesterday when he started talking about why he didn't like the ending of RotK.

Last weekend I was at my grandmother's house (Where Idiot!Boy brother lives temporarily) and they rented RotK fro DVD. I slept on the couch in my grandmothers living room because of my leg-brace and when I woke up I could not shower or put on pants (I sleep in my boxers) for 4 hours for fear or spoilage.

I am still a LotR virgin and plan to keep it that way until I can see all 3 in order. I don't think that'll work though.

You see one of the girls here doesn't own the movie nor did she rent it, the dorms rented it. That means that last night the remaining guys (All 6) saw it and tonight whatever girls are here (All 4) may try to watch it. It makes me mad because that's another 4 hours of my life that I'm gonna be trapped in my room out of fear.

And y'know what? It's the same thing with Harry Potter and it was the same with Star Wars. All the guys I knew loved SW and I hated it, then I watched one and got minorly obsessed for a while. I was so Anti-Harry Potter for so long that I missed the first 2 movies in theater and all the books (So far). I have seen a little of HP:SS (But I read that one book so I know what happens), I have seen the first 1 1/2 hours of 2 (Chamber of Secrets [Which I thought was Goblet of Fire until I was corrected by a friend] ), and nothing of 3 yet. I want to see 3 and I already know the basics of what happens's different.

I have vauge problems with movies set on books or books about movies. I read Episode One before I saw it and was dissapointed a little more by the book parts that weren't in the movie, I have read The Illiad and had to watch Troy from 2 perspectives. As a movie it was cool, I really liked it and would see it again, as an adaptation/interpretation of The Illiad it makes me want to cry and kill whoever wrote this version.

I know I won't have that problem with LotR because:
A) I haven't read the books and only might after I've seen the movies.
B) I've heard from rabid Tolkien-ers people that the movie was actually pretty good. I don't mean by the obvious standards but by the "Spiderman's web's aren't organic!" standards.

I'm so Anti-Conformist that I'm missing out on all the good stuff because I don't want to be percieved as normal. It happens all the time. I've loved Johnny Depp since What's Eating Gilbert Grape (It would have been since Nightmare on Elm Street like my roomate Rosa but I saw the movie when I was like 2 or 3 and didn't have the ability to comprehend Teh Hotness) but now that every TB in the world loves him I feel somewhat upset.

It's like when your favorite underground band hits it big and every trendy girl and preppy guy (Because they aren't cool enough to be chicks or dudes) starts singing you favortie song except now it's not cool anymore cause everyone knows it and now you're just one of the pack.

In fact, I have that problem with most of the LotR cast.

With Orlando Bloom I have the same type of problem but for different reasons. I like most people (At least in America) didn't know who he was until the LotR movies came out then I found out he was hot. Of course I like him better as him rather then Legolas (Which I admit I pronouced Leg-o-lis for a long time there out of habit (I typed Hobbit the first time) and becasue of evil brothers) so that gives me a few points but...I don't like him for the same reasons as the TB's. They think he's "OmG HOTT!!!!0n3!" and that's all that matters to them, with me it's more...I dunno. Don't get me wrong he's totally hot but, I like the fact that he's broken so many bones, I love that he had a mohawk (But his hair in general is just so fucking awesome), and I love that he skydives and is a huge adrenaline junkie. To me that's what makes him hot. Unfortunetly I end up hiding my pics of him cause I don't wanna seem...normal? Ish.

With Viggo I don't have that big of a problem because most of the TB's are focused on Orli (I actually get embarrassed when I say Orli out loud cause I sound so TB) but still... I thought he was hot in 28 Days ("Ooh! I know him! That's whats'his'name! That one guy! From that movie! The one with the thing! Argh!) but that was just superficial, when I found out that he's an artist (YAY!) I was so happy cause I had substance to worship, then sanrei told me about how when he has shows for his art people come down just to get his autograph, and then I get all sad. (Wuss!Me)

I have just realized how much I switched topic here and how long this post is so I only have one more thing to say.

Elijah Wood. I feel confidant in my love for him because I've been perving on him since Radio Flyer. Well okay, I wasn't perving then (I was six) but he was my first boyfriend. No matter how many Teeny Bopping norms stalk him I will always be comfortable knowing I thought he was pretty in Huck Finn when they were crushing on JTT.

So Nyah!
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