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Class and speaking and tests and fic and links.


Spent almost and entire half an hour being quiet in one of my classes (Community Relations) today.

Why is this a big thing?

Because what you people don't realize is that I'm a loud person and that I talk alot.

Really, just ask kygn.

And beyond that? It's a running joke in my MW/MWF classes that I do nothing but talk non-stop. And it's true.

Which is totally funny because I hardly talk in my TTH classes and I'm surprisingly shy until I get to know someone.

Had our take-home test in the other class today (The Correction Function).

Totally had fun with the test. Why? Because since it's not due until the Monday after Spring Break (The 20th funnily enough) it's open-book, open notes.

So me and like seven or eight of the other girls sat after class and matched up our answers.

I totaly took charge and called out the numbers and their answers. :D

I may talk a lot of shit during class but the only reason I only have an A instead of an A+ is because I skipped the Lethal Injection movie and that was 10 points participation.

Eric just let me fill out his College Satisfaction survery. He is a now a 39-year-old black woman who parents may or may not have been the Cosby's.

And he just pulled my hair and now I have a headache.



I don't even wanna know how you found this Phil.

Ow. This fic honesly hurts, but in a totally good "You poor woobie!" way. Wincest, Genderswap (Sam). I still recomend it though, even for you people out there who don't like Genderswap because it's totally worth it.

Damn this thing fucking hurts.

I still have a headache.

Mild and vague spoilers for upcoming episodes of Prison Break. I still have this horrible fear that Michael's gonna have broken in to save Linc because "He started Linc on the path to destruction" or because "It was his fault Linc broowed the money from Crabbe" or something like that.

I know, I know. I'm a cynic.

Also for anyone not on metaquotes you should go join it right now.
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