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Supernatural (Spoilers for Scarecrow) Post 5 of 5


Back on.

Heh. He called it "Leatherface."

That was such a fake death. One boy and one girl though.

I totally though Sammy was carrying a plastic pumpkin there for a second.

"You an' me. We're all that's left. So if we [I was disracted by Sam's longing look and already forgot the rest of this sentence]"
"Hold me Sam, that was beautiful."

Dude. That was so fake. The blood is too watery and would've gushed out.

Yes father? Buh?

Meh. It was an okay ep. I feel like I've been spoiled though. I saw Wendigo a while back and then saw nothing until Asylum. Then I've seen every ep after that so... Yeah. Asylum, Faith, Nightmare, Skin, Shadows, they've all spoiled me like fuck.

I have a question. Do Sam and Dean ever hug each other? And I'm asking this because I totally want pictures if they did because I'd need an icon or seventy-three. It occurs to me that I haven't seen any in icons so they probably haven't.

Also? This goes back to the first talk in the car in the begining of the ep but I've said it before I'll say it again. Dean = Batman, Sam = Spiderman.

DUDE! LUCAS DUNLEAVY IS ON SVU! And he slugged a cop. That's five years of his life right there.
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