BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

Supernatural (Spoilers for Scarecrow) Post 3 of ?

Joseph's watching Scrubs. I understand all the noises now.

Yay! Dean called him! Yay baby! Mm. I love it when they talk on the phone.

I'm starting to think that those isn't the ass-slap episode.

Hee, trusty sidekick Geekboy. I love them so much. They're such brothers. Dean was trying so hard to say sorry but he couldn't and Sammy knew anyway. *Scrunches face* He called him Sammy!

Oh my god I wanna cry so hard now. Poor Dean, Sammy just abandoned him. Sammy wasn't trying to but poor Dean completely feels it like that. Poor babe.


*Gasp* DUDE! He clipped him in the fucking face! That bastard-assed asshole!

Dean and the neice. They're goners.

Tags: fandom:, review, supernatural

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