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Supernatural (Spoilers for Scarecrow) Post 1 of ?

Burkitseville, Indiana - One Year Ago

Dude what the hell is wrong with Tattoo boy's forhead?

This looks like something from Urban Legends. The Hookman--hey Apples! Those are the apples from all the icons!

Dude, is the scarecrow that thing from the Jeepers Creepers movies?

Dude. I knew it was gonna move.

Dude don't scream, just run.

Oh don't stop running you stupid bitch!

Ugh, what the fuck ever.

Boo! Seperate beds.

Papa! Yay! Aww he called him Sammy. Hee. Dean had his right arm under his blanket. Hee.

Noo! Take the shirt back off Dean! Names? Give him the phone!

Dean! "Yes sir." Mmm.

Second week of April in this ep.

Couples? Ooh! Ooh! This is the episode! This is the one with the ass-slap, isn't it?

Ooh! I want to punch Sammy. Dude. Dean just pretty much called him a bad son. That's cold.

Oh whatever Dean'll totally come back and nab him.

Creepy church, rainy day.

And from the other room my raother screams like a girl now.

Hehehe! The drummer from Led Zeplin! He's such a loser.

"Scotty you got a smile that lights up a room, anybody ever tell you that." The flirt. It's in his genetic coding.


Heh, poor Sammy. "You trust the shady van guy and not me?"

WTH is that noise? Oh! It's his lite-bright kit!

"Dude you fugly." It's totally in the way he says it dude.

Head's gonna move. Head's gonna move. Head's gonna move. Head's gonna move.

Damn. Didn't move.
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