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Posts like this happen when I sit here too long.

I love Zsu and I love the EOnline video and I totally want to pack up Amaury and Robin and keep them all for myselves!

On another line? Seeing RK in full T-Bag getup (Tilted hat included) and then hearing RK's voice and not T-Bag's is way fucking creepy.

Amaury realizing he cursed is way cute and I wanna hug him so hard.

Still love Tweener, love him more now for Lane being a total dork.

OMGYES!!! X-Men full trailer, right-click save to download.

The coloring game, for those interested.

Oh look. Another SPN friending meme. How many do we really need here? Ignore me, I'm being PMSy.

WTF is with the random Color Burns of pink in the middle of an icon dammit? It just does not look good on most icons.

Jenny + Baby = Me - Ovaries He's got the burp rag in the first pic and he's ljust completely folded around the little babe in the second one.

If and when he ever has kids he's gonna be a great dad.

I seriously cannot seem to stop looking at those.

Dude! SPN Geeks totsalled up how many times Our Boys says Dude in each episode. DUDE!

I just spent a full minute and a half watching Dominic Purcell sign autographs because he's that hot.

When they run (And you know they will eventually) they need to roadtrip through the country.

And they need to be here in Arizona. I'm not shitting you guys, if I find out they're coming anywhere here for filming any time at all I will find a way to make it there. No place in all of Arizona is more than nine hours away driving and classes are overrated.

I will rent a fucking car and make a day-trip.

...And a minute fourteen of Went. I just wanna squish him when he smiles!

Note to self: Remember to read this.

Winchester family photos.

I've realized that despite the fact that I'm only nineteen (And even Tweener is older than me probably) I constantly refer to Sucre as a kid in my head.

And I think I refered to him as a "kid who robbed a liquor store" while talking to someone else yesterday. And I know I keep refering to him as a "good kid" with a good heart or some shit like that.

I blame this on my step-dad and older brother, who call everyone they're tight with "kids" and on my Ma who calls Sucre "the Mexican kid" because of his "I wouldn't know seeing as how I'm Puerto Rican" line.

Although it could have something to do with making him the baby of his family and speaking of babies that reminds me that Supernatural is on tonight in... two and a half hours. I'm gonna need to head home soon in order to catch it.

In other news I think I'm ready to start my PBFE fic now.


This mood is only for the picture of Sucre.
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