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Phone Call Transcription

Okay so that number that Michael calls to tell Nika to come? Is a real number. I have it programed into my phone even because I have free long distance and I'm a Geek.

Nika's phone number is Chicago Local and is as follows: (312) 909-3529

For those of you with long distance or in other countries I have just transcribed what you hear upon calling that number.

"Hello. Only one person has this number so Michael I hope you're okay. If you're getting this message it might mean that I'm not. when this is over you still have one thing left to do, I'm trusting you Michael to do it. Be safe."

And then an automated voice tells you the mailbox is full.

I called the number four times in a row to get this down. I'm a freak.

Speaking of freakishness, anyone have any of the Supernatural phone numbers I've heard about? I can't seem to find them online anywhere.
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