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Karma and class and random things

Everybody needs to go and randomly hug lissa_bear right now, she needs it.

Some poor lady next to me was working on her scholarship for next term and needed help printing her stuff (The printers at the college suck ass) so she turned to me and asked for help.

I told her what she had to do and told her we had to go and get her a print card to print it out. She looks in her wallet and it turns out the girl who was sitting next to her before I arrived stole ten bucks from her purse while she was typing.

People suck. I spent two bucks and bought her a print card and put money on it. I'm out two bucks but I have karma points for it, so now the next time I'm in a bad spot odds are in my favor that someone will doing something nice for me.

We played Criminal Jeopardy in class today.

The teams? Were: FUBAR (I came up with the name, it stands for Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition/Repair), Number 2, and Pen 15. Pen 15 came from behind and stood erect over Number 2. *Snerk*

This class consists of like fifteen, sixteen people, four of whom are guys. Today? We had 10 girls and two guys. So much fun.

Should hopefully have pictures of the teacher wrestling with the instructor on Wednesday maybe.

My Sleepy Blue Ocean Scrubs fic - Slash. Cox/JD but only a little and the fic reads like an episode. Really it's very good.

Someone tell them they need to fic now.

TrollPrincess makes me heart hurt when she writes Supernatural.

Randomly? Because of the movie Dogma everytime someone sneezes me and my Mom say "bless you" or "gesundheit." Even if it's just under our breath to ourselves.

Because I just saw it on a Dean icon I feel the need to say it.

"Good soldier" may just be one of the scariest things ever. It hits my gut just like "lets make a movie" did in BUtterfly Effect. I don't know if it's because I heard it in a movie or if it's because of Batman Returns but that line just makes my brain go to sad-bad places in a very ungood way.

I want to hug Dean now just for that icon.

In other news I have a few new icons and want to make a post because of Halfshell.
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