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Prison rape and post-Oscars

One of mine and Joseph's friends just called us from Texas. We've been trying to get a hold of her for a while and had been having no luck.

Now we know why. She just got bailed out after spending three months in county for Armed Robbery.

She's looking at about five years in prison if she gets convicted.

Luckily she'd be going federal. As Joseph said "At least you wont be fucked as much."

Dear icon maker who probably doesn't know this journal exists,

No. No, don't do that. Please? You made them ugly and creepy and they look like they had Steve Carrell and Will Ferrell's make-up people do them over.




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I made a wallpaper. It's shitty (Don't lie, I suck at it but I'm just starting. I'll get better) but like it.

Scorsese = 0
Three Six Mafia: 1

I want to marry John Stewart.

I still like George Clooney.

I giggled a little when Jennifer Garner tripped on her dress.

I loved Steve's eyelashes.

I want Joaquin Phoenix and Jake Gyllenhaal gifted-wrapped and delivered to me by Eric Bana.

Writing Sara het. You. Suck. Bitches.

I'm still kinda waiting to see if anyone found the little easter egg in Calendar Days (Leap Year). I think it was hidden well enough that no one has yet and that's kinda cool because that means when I get one of the other fics I'm working on done it'll be a neat surprise.
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