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I now possess...

The Magical Dagger of Slashing(C)! Muwahahahahaha! Well okay, technically Vash the Stampede had it and then he gave it to Wolfwood (Aww) but y'know, mine in theory. Not my fault. WHAD (Whachama Whosit Anime Dude) said it first. And then I giggled like a girl and got stared at by sanrei who didn't get the joke untill I mentioned fanfic. Then he went all purpley and non-breathing-like. We did this for like five minutes straight gayly forward (Cheesy smiles @ seven_flower) and WHAD kept insisting it wasn't that funny (He doesn't know about Teh Slash).

Then Trigun came back on and we were hypnotized again.

I love satalite at nighttime, NYC times means Cowboy Bebop and Trigun come one at 10 and 10:30 instead of 1 and 1:30. Woohoo!
Tags: friends: scoobies, insanity, random

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