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X-POSTED Horrible News, PUBLIC AS ALL HELL AS YOU MAY HAVE HEARD "Angel" has been cancelled. After 100+ episodes, the WB network decided to cancel "Angel" today. "Angel" has pulled in its best ratings ever CONSISTENTLY in this, its fifth season, and the level of viewership is rising in each episode. "Angel"'s fanbase and that of "Buffy (its predecessor)" have proven to be the loyalest of any TV show in America's history. This is an outrage. Everyone I know, do me a favor. Sign this petition: whether or not you care. It takes a few seconds, and you can choose to make your signature private. Do it because you love me. I don't even wanna go to Congress, I'm devastated. If I go, don't expect a happy Doran at all. LESS THAN TWO WEEKS AFTER IT HIT 100 EPISODES! THOSE FUCKING DICKS! I AM PISSED PISSED PISSED.
Perfect end to a perfect week. Fuckers.

I beg of you, PLEASE sign the petition!
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