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Idiots and woobies and money and Photoshop

My brother got shot in the face with a BB gun last night. Haven't seen him yet but he says it's not that bad.

Him and his friends were shooting each other last night and he caught one to the lip. Loser.

Am going to be taking pictures. Lots.

My brother's mouth possibly looks a bit like this icon ATM.

I have a very evil laugh sometimes a lot. Every once in a while I feel like making a phone-post and just cackling into the phone like some slightly femme cross between The Joker and Insane Clown Posse (Deeper than Shaggy, not as maniacal as Violent J).

Have a big shiny surprise for everyone in Calendar Days (Leap Year). If alazysod's anything to measure by I think some people out there might like it. It's about three pages and makes my heart hurt for Michael.

It might be off on it's last Beta right now possibly.

Am heading out to meet my Mom at the mall and waste some money in about a half an hour.

Am making a Michael & Linc wallpaper right now and I kinda like it a little.

There's this game that Kevin Nealson made up called "The Difference between my ass and..." which the radios DJs I listen to (John Holmberg, Brady Bogen and Creepy E, collectively known as Homberg's Morning Sickness).) like to play.

Someone calls up and asks the question (Such as "What's the DBMA and a garden hoe?") and the guys have to come up with a spazzy answer ("One of them fertilizes soil and the other is handled by hundreds of Mexicans every day.").

I thought up one sitting on the bus.

What's the DBMA and a Jack-In-The-Box (A fast food place in Arizona/America)?

One of them is open 24-hours and the other one you can drive through.

Who here can tell I was raised by guys?
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