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I overslept today and didn't have time to put on my brace so now I'm on crutches.

I was kicked in the leg no less than three times on the bus here and I'm in a whole lot of pain right now. And I still have to bus home.

Mom got fired again from her job last night.

Don't worry, she gets fired a lot. Her boss usually fires her on her way out for a ciggerette. Last night Mom just came home. She's on her way to work right now.

Is it selfish of me that I wished she would've stayed home today because I hate Fridays and wasn't there for most of last night when she was? She's asleep or just waking when I leave for class at 0900 and doesn't get home until 2220 so I don't see her hardly at all.

Have I mentioned that I'm in a really crappy mood because I'm in a whole lot of pain and my leg keeps spasming and I know I have more kickage and more standing on the bus to look forward too?

I really don't wanna go home yet but the library closes in 26 minutes (As I type this) and there's nowhere else to go.

Ick. Emo moment. Completely ignore this.

Dear Jared,

No more facial hair please, stop trying it.

And don't comb your bangs to the side, it makes you look creepy.

Much love,


Dear Jenny,

Please stand next to more really ugly people, it would make iconing you a lot easier because then my brain would not bluescreen from hotness as often. Maybe.

I want to have your kittens Love,


Dear Jenny,

Hi there, me again. You know what would be super? If you could stand still for like, two seconds. Really, just stop being a huge Dork for two seconds and then someone can take a picture that isn't too horribly posey and I can make an icon that doesn't look like you're on tweak.

Thanks muchly dearie,


Dear Jenny,

Please grow.



P.S. You could also stand on a box.

Dear Jared,

Please climb in the dryer and shrink a bit.



To the evil bitch who post a link without warning to an icon post with over a hundred icons not in my fandom,

Eat me. The only reason I don't bitch you personally is because those eight icons in my fandom were pretty damn good.

You are so very lucky,

The angry, angry, bitch.

Dear 13-year-old who thinks she's in love with a bi boy,

Shut the fuck up! You are thirteen bitch. Thirteen. You aren't in love and you should proabably be sterilized. Get the fuck out of the comm and while you're at it take all your other idiot friends with you.

Signed in blood by,
The raging bitch who should've left this place months ago.

To whichever one of you tweaked-out idiots thinks that's funny:

It's not. Stop calling me or I'm going to hunt you down and my brother will fucking eat you. Got it shit-head?

The owner of the phone who will ram her crutches up your ass in about two seconds, okay?


I don't care that Joseph isn't picking up the phone for you and I don't care about your fucking martial arts classes and for the love of fuck, I'm borderline agoraphobic, bitch: I don't want to come to your house, okay?

Getting fucking tired of the stalking (And you aren't allowed to call me Charmander unless your name is Chelsea),

Bitch who keeps turning off the lights,

I know what time it is and I heard your sixty second ago. I still have fifteen minutes.

Go to hell.


As you can tell the letters started out okay. This surprisingly helps a little.
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