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Supernatural (Spoilers) Post 3 of ?

Here we go again.

"Dude I gotta talk to you!" Ha! I NEED THAT CLIPPED OUT! That was awesome and oddly hot. They twin-talked.

GASP! OH NO! LAWRENCE, KANSAS! SHIT! They're next! No! Babbehs!

Aww, Daddy's voicemail. OMGOMG! ALL the Winchesters in Chicago at once! Dude!

Nnngod. That... that. Gratuitious gun porn. Oh yeah. That's some nice fanservice right there.

I repeat: Dean is Batman, Sammy is Spiderman.

Oh man. I think I'm gonna cry. Dean... He just wants his family back together again. And Sammy just wants to get this done and over with and... Holy shit I need this scene transcribed and this episode DLs like now.

Yay! Stealthy McHotboys!

Oops. Not so stealthy.

"Well that didn't work out like I planed."

Oh no! Oh no they're in the dark! OHNO!

My heart is fucking racing and I cannot type the noises I just made. Holy fucking shit dude.

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