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Supernatural (Spoilers) Post 2 of ?

Back on, more spoilers.

I repeat: Who's Meg?

She met Chad Michael Murray. WB namedrop.

I don't like the bitch already. She reaks of Mary Sue. Who thre fuck would say something like that to someone they just met? Cunt-bag.

Okay so Sammy ranted to her about Dean but doesn't know her last name? And he only met her once? WTF dude?

He's right! She's not into Dean! She must be evil!

I actually "Ew!"'d when Dean suggested Sammy had the hots for Meg.

"Alright ya little pervert."

"Oh yeah? Name the last book you read."

"...Okay so I called Jasper and Jacob." I think I fucked up the names but whatever. That entire scene with them on the phones rocked.

HA! OMG I cackled like an idiot when the lady came up next to the car. Heh-heh-heh.

Why do I think Papa's not gonna show up until the end?

Dude. I told apocalypsos Sammy was Spiderman; I knew it! Dude. That proves it: Dean's Batman.

I knew she was a Whorey McEvilbad. And crazy to boot.

Oh poor Sammy you're about to get caught.

Oh. Nevermind.

Chi. Fucking. Cago.

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