BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,


Okay here's the deal. I'm bored and you people are my friends and I'm bored.

And I have photoshop.

So here's the thing.

Everyone who replies to this post before within the next... hour and a half or so. No time limit. I suddenly remembered that half my FList is asleep right now and it'd be sad if they missed it cause of that.

I will make each person who replies to this one completely custom icon that is only for them and no one else. Each person who replies may also request five shareable icons which will be... you know. Shared.

Shut up, I'm tired and hungry.

What do I need you to do?

1) Leave a link to the picture(s) you want.
2) If you want a specific font you must tell me what that font is.
3) If you want a specific effect or gradient or anything like that you must tell me and probably link me to an example.
4) Tell me which one is yours alone and which one(s) are shareable.
5) Tell me what colors you want it in, because if you hate the color blue you have to tell me before I give your piccie a dye-job.

Request away.

This is NOT fandom specific; anything at all you want iconed is groovy with me.
Tags: icons

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