BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

Boredom, Supernatural, scares, and shinys.

Someone remind me to enter this.


I was just reading this (Keep in mind I'm in the college library again) and turned around and there was someone standing right behind me. They had their back to me but my heart id racing all the same.

More lookie.

Mommy says she thinks it's gonna rain soon.

If it does? I'm gonna spazz in a phone post so here's the warning right here.

As another warning? Tonight is a new Supernatural so there are going to be five or so posts from me (Posted at each commercial) while I react to the show.

Why do I do it that way instead of all at once? Because when I do it all at once I keep wanting to go back and add more and then I post it like four days after the fact.


I've seen like the third or fourth Supernatural Friending Meme in the past like, week going through the comms.

I kinda wanna do one for PB. Except that A) I don't know very many people, B) Sometimes it seems like there are only like 30 of us on the net, and C) I totally don't know many people.

Should I or shouldn't I? Who thinks it'd be a dumb bunny idea? I won't be offended; it's just one of those corner of the mind things. Like the impulse buys in the supermarket.

Also? About to make a post. I think you people may find it shiny.

This icon gets a lot of use. A lot.
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