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Cafepress and Fan thingies.

Prison Break stuff:
Property of Fox River State Pen things.
Break Me Out (Crane) things.

Supernatural stuff:
Dean is Love. Bah, but it's only available as a poster thing. Lame.
Sam is love. And he's a miniposter and postcards too!
Driver Picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.
The Brothers Dean store.
Property of Dean Winchester store.
The Winchester Boys store.
I want this.
This may be the most appropriate use of a quote ever.

PB needs more Cafepress stores. I think I wanna make one. Techincally I have one, it just has nothing in it. What do you guys think, should I make some PB stuff and put them up there?

If I do make some stuff what should they be? Some of the obvious ones are:

Free Lincoln
Free Michael
Free Sucre
Free T-Bag
Free Abruzzi
Lincoln was framed
LJ was framed
I shot Steadman

What else should I do? Would anyone buy anything? I already want to get "Free Lincoln" silk-screened onto a shirt on my own but it occurs to me that other people might wanna show their PB love too. If I made this stuff I'd keep it at the base price because I don't really need to make money that badly, this would be more just to get the word out.

So what do you guys think? Should I make some things and if so what?

Michael looks... not exactly "invaded" during his cavity search, eh? He even had a tiny smile-bit during it even. Nothing to do with the post, just loving the icon.
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