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Ficness and warnings and titles and stuff.

Okay. So that dialog fic I did? I think it's ready to be cross-posted and such. Except? I lack a title for it and don't know what type of warnings to put on it. With the exception of the last three lines it's pretty much Gen and even then the last lines are kinda open to interpretation.

I think I'm afraid that if I warn for 'cest a lot of people won't read it because they'll be too squicked at something that in the right mind could be Lincoln tackling Michael and putting him in a choke-hold or something. On the other hand if I don't warn for it there are gonna be people who are gonna get to the end and then be pissed off because they're squicked at where their brain took them. Fucking warnings, they totally screw me up.

And? You remeber way back when I got my prompt for the PBFE? Yeah. I should probably start on that, shouldn't I? Also? As another bad thing on that? I lack bunnies for it now. I had a whole bunch but now they all seem stupid and I really don't want to fuck this up.

All you people not participating in PBFE expect a post in a minute for me to bug out on.
Tags: fandom: prison break, gripeage, pbfe, writing
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