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Okay you know that "Stories I Never Wrote? meme I did? These are them. Have fun poking them with sticks. The icon is mainly just to show it off.

Free Ride (Supernatural) - A scholarship. A full scholarship. Sam read the letter four times before calling the admissions office to make sure they hadn't made a mistake.

Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off - Veronica says she doesn't love him anymore. Sometimes, if she closes her eyes and remembers the bad times she almost believes herself.

Pink - Lincoln was always fearless, just like his tattoo claimed him to be. His favorite color was pink, because only a "real man" could pull it off without getting his ass kicked. Michael hated the pink shirts Veronica always bought Linc to humor him, but damned if he didn't like taking them off.

It's Raining Men - T-Bag smiled and danced in the blood of men as the detention center that plagued his youth rained down rubble and body parts.

Note On A Pillow - As the lights flickered and the alarm rang Bellick ran to the one cell he knew would be empty. And found simply a note.

Herzeleid - He couldn't bear to look away, he couldn't stand to watch, and when they flipped the damning switch his heart began to rot. Lincoln's body convulsed and Michael's breath stopped, Michael's tears fell like rain while Lincoln's blood formed a cross.

Sehnsucht - It was a physical pain Michael felt when Lincoln wasn't there. His lungs burned and his eyes stung and his head felt like there were a thousand angry seven-year-olds banging on pots and pans.

Gschadirndl - Michael smiled and pointed to flash picture on the wall. At Lincoln's questioning Michael explained that it was the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland. Lincoln protested, of course, but Michael held him to his bet. And really? Who would bet on a pair of threes in Texas Hold 'Em anyway?

Nachtauge - Michael's always been a borderline insomniac. And Linc should know, they've shared a bed since Michael learned how to climb out of his crib at the age of three. At least twenty of the dumbest things Lincoln ever did were the all times he had fallen asleep around a bored Michael. He once spent three days walking around with "I LOVE BALLS" written on his forehead.

Raunacht - Michael and Linc always loved Devil's Night. It was the one night a year they didn't have to worry about the cops picking them up and hauling them in. Two kids shoplifting hamburger from the store was nothing compared to the eight guys trying to rape the girl on the corner.

All the hurtful little things - Michael was always a tough kid growing up. Because Lincoln was his older brother it was widely known that he could take any hit you throw at him and smile in return. It was also widely known that because his Mom was... His Mom, that if you really wanted to hurt him all you had to do was call him names.

Sing Down the Moon - When they were younger and living in the motels Michael couldn't sleep sometimes. The walls were thin and occasionally there would be people on the other side who... did things. Loudly. Michael was old enough to know what they were doing and young enough to blush and squirm against Lincoln's side as he tried to block out the moans and sometimes screams that didn't always sound as if both people in the other room were completely willing.

One night, during a particularly painful sounding bout of screams, Lincoln started singing. It was "Stayin' Alive" by The Beegee's and it was loud and off-key and horrible and Lincoln screamed and shrieked so loud and long that the next day all he could do was whisper and wince. But it was worth it to him to see Michael smile and giggle and laugh.

Carolina Stomp - When Teddy was twelve Jimmy taught him how to dance. They would go into town on the weekends and spend all night dancing with other young men like themselves. In all his years before and all his years since he does not think he's ever heard a sweeter sound then the crunching of teeth and jaw and neck as it snaps and shatters around and against pavement.

Dancing in the Dark - Sheets stick to skin and skin slides and burns and pulls. Muscles cramp and scream and lock and the headboard bangs and bangs against the cheap plaster of the wall. Breaths catch and release and stutter and stop. Voices are silent and throats groan and grunt and tighten and freeze and everything shatters and comes undone and the universe screams and everything just--

No Quarter - When Lincoln was nine and Mikey was five Mom took them to the store. After walking through three aisles Lincoln got bored and, with Mom's permission, helped Mikey out of the cart and they got to go and play in the toy aisle. Mikey ate two army-men and threw a small soccerball at some other kid and Lincoln stuffed a pack of silly-putty under his shirt and then they went to find Mom again to ask for quarters so they could get fake tattoes from the machine by the door. Mom said she needed their quarters to do laundry and that they could draw on each other with pens when they got home if they wanted too.

Lincoln got grounded for a week and got his Nintendo taken away when Mom found out what he did to the toy machine. Mom never believed him when he said Mikey made him do it but she could never say no to him either when his eyes got all big and watery.

The Black Mountain - Arizona was never supposed to be a part of The Plan. There was a very clear path they were supposed to take to get out of the country.

After they lost the plane though, and everyone knew it was T-Bag who caused it, they had to switch routes and Arizona was an easy place to cross the border; thousands crossed there every day. The ones who didn't die crossing rarely got caught, and no one ever really expects to find anyone trying to cross the border in to Mexico.

Sleeping in a hole in a mountain, in the middle of a city park, surrounded by stoned teenagers and swatting away bats ("They aren't bats!" "Yes, they are!" "No, they aren't!") was never supposed to be part of the plan. Neither were LJ or Sucre or Maricruz or T-Bag either, but nothing is written in stone.
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