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Because I know I'm not the only one on Dial-Up.

NAME: Benjamin Miles Franklin
LOCATION: General Population, A-Wing, Cell 48
CRIME: Possession of Stolen Goods
SENTENCE: Eight years
TIME LEFT ON SENTENCE: Seven years, two months
ELIGIBLE FOR PAROLE IN: Three years, two months

Unable to find work and needing rent money for his wife and daughter, Franklin resorted to criminal means of obtaining it. He was apprehended by local police driving a moving truck full of stolen goods. Unwilling to give up the identities of his associates, Franklin was sent to a maximum-security facility.
Franklin also has a military record which is classified and thus not available to the public.

Inmate has logged visits from Darius Morgan (friend). Inmate is rated Grade C and is approved for work in the Prison kitchen.

NAME: John Abruzzi
LOCATION: Gen Pop, A-Wing, Cell 96
CRIME: Murder (2 counts) Conspiracy commit murder (2 counts)
SENTENCE: 120 years
TIME LEFT ON SENTENCE: 117 yrs, 6 mo.
ELIGIBLE FOR PAROLE IN: Inmate is not eligible for parole

Former Chicago mob boss, John Abruzzi, is arguably the most infamous prisoner currently incarcerated at Fox River Penitentiary. That celebrity has translated into power inside the walls. Other inmates, even murderers, defer to Abruzzi in prison-related business. While the correctional officers enforce the rules, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that John Abruzzi runs the prison.

Abruzzi was finally convicted of two counts of murder and two counts of conspiracy to commit murder after decades of eluding punishment from Illinois district attorneys. Otto Fibonacci provided eyewitness testimony at Abruzzi’s trial, which convinced the jury to convict Abruzzi of rubbing out two rival gangsters. Abruzzi subsequently put a hit out on Fibonacci, forcing Fibonacci to enter the Witness Protection Program. Abruzzi has been overheard expressing how desperately he would like to know Fibonacci’s whereabouts.

Inmate has logged visits from Philip Falzone, a “business associate;” Anthony Smallhouse, another “business associate;” Sylvia Abruzzi, his wife; Nicole Abruzzi, his daughter; John Abruzzi, Jr. his son; and Brian Knowlton, business manager. Inmate is rated Grade C and is approved for work on Prison Industries.

NAME: Theodore Bagwell
LOCATION: General Population, A-Wing, Cell 16
CRIME: Six counts of Kidnapping, Rape and First Degree Murder
SENTENCE: Incarceration for the rest of his natural life
TIME LEFT ON SENTENCE: The rest of his natural life
ELIGIBLE FOR PAROLE IN: Inmate is not eligible for parole

Theodore Bagwell (or T-Bag, as he calls himself) is one of the most dangerous predators at Fox River Penitentiary. Not surprisingly, he has barely known a life outside of confinement. After multiple citations for vandalism and cruelty to animals, a ten year-old Bagwell was caught attempting to burn down the home of his fourth grade teacher and was sent to juvenile hall. It was there that Bagwell was first introduced to the Alliance for Purity, a white supremacist gang.

As Bagwell grew up, his crimes grew more serious. Battery, assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder and ultimately kidnapping, rape and murder. For his most serious crimes, Bagwell was sentenced to Alabama’s Donaldson maximum security prison where he immediately assumed a leadership position in the Alliance for Purity. In fact, under Bagwell, the Alliance became so powerful that Donaldson’s warden was forced to disband it, transferring its members all over the country.

When Bagwell landed in Fox River, its chapter of the Alliance was non-existent. Thanks to the charismatic “T-Bag,” two and a half years later it is one of the most powerful gangs in the prison.

Inmate is known to be affiliated with the Alliance for Purity Gang. Inmate has a documented relationship with Jason Buchanan (also known as Maytag) Seth Hoffner (also known as Cherry). Inmate has logged visits with Susan Hollander, and is rated Grade C and is approved for work on Prison Industries.

NAME: Charles Westmoreland
LOCATION: General Population, A-Wing, Cell 13
CRIME: Aggravated Vehicular Hijacking, Vehicular Invasion, Involuntary Manslaughter and Reckless Homicide
SENTENCE: Sixty years to life
TIME LEFT ON SENTENCE: The rest of his natural life
ELIGIBLE FOR PAROLE IN: Twenty six years

Charles Westmoreland is one of Fox River’s longest tenured inmates, currently serving his twenty eighth year.

Westmoreland was originally tried and convicted in Douglas, Arizona and served the first two years of his sentence in the Arizona State Prison at Florence. Because of budget restraints, Arizona had to outsource some of its inmates to other states. As a result, Westmoreland was transferred to Fox River in 1973.

Immediately upon his incarceration in Arizona, there were whispers that Westmoreland was, in fact, the legendary plane hijacker DB Cooper. In 1971, Cooper notoriously held a 727 full of passengers ransom until he was paid $1.5 million, then parachuted from the plane into the woods of the Pacific Northwest, never to be seen again. While there was never enough proof to indict Westmoreland for Cooper’s crime, there was just enough circumstantial evidence to suspect him. And that suspicion followed him to Fox River.

It isn’t easy to be an inmate whom others suspect to be a millionaire. Other prisoners constantly harass him. He’s been threatened, assaulted, one time he suffered a broken nose from another inmate who tried to extort money from him. In recent years, the physical threats have subsided. Part of that has to do with his advanced age. But after three decades of steadfast denials, many inmates have come to the simple conclusion that Charles Westmoreland is not, in fact, D.B. Cooper.

Inmate has permission to keep grey cat (Marilyn) as it was grandfathered in before Fox River prohibited pet ownership.

NAME: Michael Scofield
LOCATION: General Population, A-Wing, Cell 40
CRIME: Armed Robbery
SENTENCE: Five years
ELIGIBLE FOR PAROLE IN: Two years, six months

Michael Scofield’s educational background leaves question as to why such a man would commit the crime he did. Beginning with an immaculate record at Morton East High School, he would later graduate Magna Cum Laude with a B.S., civil engineering and M.S., civil engineering, from the Loyola University of Chicago.

At the time of his arrest, Scofield was employed as a structural engineer at the prestigious firm of Middleton, Maxwell and Schaum located in Chicago, Il.

Inmate Michael Scofield, with no prior convictions, was convicted of armed robbery after attempting to steal over half a million dollars from the downtown Chicago branch of United Savings Bank. At the trial, Scofield pled no contest and requested to serve time in the Level One facility closest to his Chicago home.

Inmate suffers from Type I Diabetes and currently, this inmate has logged visits with Veronica Donovan, his attorney. Inmate is approved for monthly conjugal visits with Nika Volek, his wife. This inmate is rated Grade C and is approved for work on Prison Industries.

NAME: Fernando Sucre
LOCATION: General Population, A-Wing, Cell 40
CRIME: Two counts of Aggravated Robbery
SENTENCE: Seventeen years
TIME LEFT ON SENTENCE: Nine years, ten months.
ELIGIBLE FOR PAROLE IN: One year, four months

Fernando Sucre was born and raised in the city of Chicago, where he had multiple encounters with the Illinois justice system growing up in the Humboldt Park area. Sucre's mother felt he was destined to a life spent in and out of prison, so in an effort to save him, she sent him to live with his aunt in New York to hopefully give him a fresh start.

In New York, Sucre's life began to turn around. He got a steady job as a parking lot attendant and met the love of his life, Maricruz Delgado. Most importantly, he was avoiding trouble and keeping his record clean.

Then Sucre came back to Humboldt Park for a visit and what began as a night out with his old friends turned into a conviction for aggravated robbery when they held up two liquor stores with an unloaded firearm.

Since coming to Fox River, Sucre has been a model prisoner. He has expressed interest in serving the shortest possible sentence so he can get out and be with his girlfriend.

Inmate has logged visits from Maricruz Delgado his girlfriend. Inmate is approved for monthly conjugal visits with Maricruz Delgado. Inmate is rated Grade C and is approved for work on Prison Industries.

NAME: Lincoln Burrows
LOCATION: Death Row, Cell 18
CRIME: First degree murder, Aggravated discharge of firearm
SENTENCE: Death by electrocution
ELIGIBLE FOR PAROLE IN: Inmate is not eligible for parole

Lincoln Burrows’ personal history shows he was on a clear path to Fox River since his youth. After dropping out of Morgan Park High School in only the 10th grade, he found himself in trouble with the law on several occasions. Prior convictions include two months for Theft; three months for Criminal Damage to Property; six months for Battery; Six months for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; ten months for Battery. Burrows pled not guilty and was convicted on all counts in connection with the death of Terrence Steadman, the brother to the Vice President of the United States of America.
On March 12, Lincoln’s final appeal was denied and his date of execution was set for May 11.

Inmate has logged visits with, Michael Scofield his brother, Tim Giles his attorney, LJ Burrows his son, Lisa Rix his son’s mother, and Sue Parsons, a reporter with The Headline Press. This inmate is rated Grade C and is approved for work on Prison Industries. Burrows is known throughout the prison as “Linc the Sink.”

NAME: Captain Brad Bellick

Captain Bellick passed the Correctional Officer Exam the autumn after he graduated high school and has been at Fox River Penitentiary ever since. In that time, he has slowly and steadily climbed up the C.O. ranks.

Three years ago, despite several claims of inmate abuse (none of which could ever be corroborated), Bellick was promoted to the position of captain, the highest rank a C.O. can earn. Today, his duties include: aiding in the transportation of death row inmates to the electric chair, supervising Fox River’s prison industries program and overseeing the day-to-day operations of all the inmates in general population.

Bellick is what’s known as a C.O.’s C.O.. His view is there is no such thing as a “good convict,” and the main purpose of a prison is punishment, not rehabilitation.

NAME: LJ Burrows

Up until a few months ago, LJ was just your average kid from Oak Park, Illinois. He lived in a nice house with his mother, Lisa and step-dad, Adrian. He did his chores. He got good grades. He wasn’t any trouble to anyone.

Then, his birth father, Lincoln Burrows, lost his final appeal and his date of execution was set. That affected LJ more than he would let on.

The last few months he’s been an entirely different person, culminating in his arrest for possession of marijuana with intent to sell. LJ has stated repeated times that his father has no influence on him. Judging by his recent actions, that may not be entirely true.

There is currently a warrant out for LJ's arrest in connection with the murders of his mother and step-father.

NAME: Veronica Donovan

Despite dating youthful offender Lincoln Burrows all throughout high school, Veronica Donovan never let the street life of Cicero, Illinois seduce her. An over-achiever, she received a full academic scholarship to the University of Illinois in Champaign where she graduated with a B.A. in political science, then went on to earn her juris doctorate from Baylor Law School.

After graduating from Baylor, Donovan moved back to Chicago to practice real estate law at the offices of Glazer and Ross.

Despite her success, Donovan never forgot her roots. Although she had no experience in criminal law, she recently defended childhood friend Michael Scofield against a charge of armed robbery after he refused the assistance of all court appointed attorneys.

Donovan is currently working with Nick Savrinn in an attempt to exonerate Lincoln Burrows of first degree murder charges.

NAME: David Apolskis
LOCATION: General Population, A-Wing, Cell 13
CRIME: Theft
SENTENCE: Two years

Apolskis has always had great hands. In junior high, they helped him win a starting job as a wide receiver on the school’s football team. But in ninth grade, Apolskis was deemed academically ineligible to participate in athletics. That’s when he found a more profitable use for his hands.

Apolskis became a master pickpocket. From the ages of 14 through 19, he swiped over 200 wallets and 150 watches. Those statistics are even more impressive considering the fact that he spent eight of those months in juvenile hall on two separate convictions. But when Apolskis tried to lift a wallet from an off duty police officer, any thought of “easy time” went out the window. He was sentenced to two years at Fox River.

Inmate is rated Grade D and is not approved for work on Prison Industries.

NAME: Charles Patoshik
LOCATION: Psychiatric Ward, Cell 25
CRIME: Second Degree Murder (Two Counts)
SENTENCE: Sixty years
TIME LEFT ON SENTENCE: Fifty six years
ELIGIBLE FOR PAROLE IN: Twenty six years

Before his incarceration, Patoshik was a stand-out doctorate candidate in mathematics, focusing his research on fractals, a type of geometric pattern. It was during this time of intense study that he began to experience noticeable symptoms of mental illness. Not long after, and despite no history of violence, Patoshik walked into his parents’ house brandishing a shotgun, stepped into their bedroom while they slept and pulled the trigger, killing them both.

Patoshik claims no memory of committing the crime and has offered no explanation as to why he killed his parents. Upon intake, he was committed to the Psychiatric Ward of Fox River, where he earned his nickname of “Haywire.” After four years of intensive medication and monitoring, his doctors have seen sufficient progress to release him into general population.

Inmate has a neuroanatomic lesion which causes profound insomnia as well as diagnosed as schizo-affective with bi-polar tendencies. He is given daily medication to treat this disorder. Inmate is rated grade D and is not approved for work on prison industries.

NAME(S): Agent Paul Kellerman & Agent Danny Hale

Agent Kellerman graduated from West Point fifteen years ago with a near-flawless record. He was almost immediately dispatched to Kuwait and because of the bravery and valor he demonstrated in combat in the first Gulf War, he became the first in his class to achieve the rank of captain. Kellerman had a promising career ahead of him in the Army, but the federal government noticed his potential and poached him, offering him a leadership position within the Secret Service.

Five years ago, Agent Kellerman partnered up with rookie Agent Hale, who had recently resigned in protest from the FBI’s Counterterrorism Unit, citing the department’s continued underestimation of militant Islamist threats. On their Secret Service applications, when asked why they wanted to become agents, both men responded, “To help defend our country.”

There is no information available to the public concerning the recent work history of Agents Kellerman and Hale. All their personnel files for the past four years are marked classified; it is impossible to determine what their day-to-day responsibilities are, or even who their supervisor is. Officially, they are no longer listed as members of the Secret Service or even as employees of the Federal Government.

NAME: Dr. Sara Tancredi

Doctor Sara Tancredi lives her life by one simple maxim: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

From an early age, Sara knew that she wanted to be a doctor. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, she always hoped to work in a hospital or private practice, someplace nice, sheltered.

Those desires changed during her freshman year at Northwestern University when Tancredi was introduced to the writings of Mahatma Gandhi. Her worldview was immediately and irrevocably altered. Being a traditional doctor was no longer enough for her and she decided that she must follow a more humanitarian path.

Ironically, Gandhi’s views on non-violence convinced Doctor Tancredi to pursue a career in the most violent of all environments: Fox River Penitentiary.

As one of the few doctors on staff, Sara is responsible for everything from administering physicals to performing emergency surgery. And while her work is noble (she has won multiple humanitarian awards), it is also dangerous. Every day, she interacts with rapists and murderers who haven’t so much as touched another woman in years.

Though Sara doesn’t think twice about the risks she puts herself in every day, it is a constant source of stress for her father, Illinois Governor “Frontier Justice” Frank Tancredi. That, along with their vastly different political beliefs, has cooled their relationship significantly in recent years.

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