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The magical number in fandom fiction... five.

As in "Five Things..."

Prison Break doesn't have nearly enough "Five Things" fic. I want to write some. Others do too I'm sure. This is where all y'all come in.

Finish the sentence:
Five Things...

I, or someone else, may turn them into fics or ficlets.

Pimp this to the other fandom people yu know because I don't now any PB Comms that would allow something like this. Except of course The Bunny Palace. Which is gonna be linked to this.

ETA: What is "Five Things" you may ask? Pretty much what it is is that in other fandoms there are these "Five things" fic. Something like "Five things that didn't happen to Michael in college" or "Five ways Lincoln didn't die" other things like that. I'm pretty sure it stems from that one John Cusack movie where he works in that record store. Examples can be found here.
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