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Clearing out the fic-file, one stupid idea at a time.

Okay. I've had this sitting on my hard drive for... a little bit of time. This is the entirety of what I have in my brain except for a few bits and pieces. I see them sitting in one of the motel rooms Michael and Linc stay in. They're like 15 and 16 and... that's pretty much it.

I need some sort of help. Is it worth trying to salvage or should I leave it alone and trash it? Should I send it to the chop-shop and split it into bits? And ideas at all would be way groovy right now.

"I'm bored."

"Then go. Home."

"I don't wanna, it's boring over there."

"I don't care, I don't want you here."

"You're a sucky friend."

"We're not friends."

"Whatever, we are too."

"No, we aren't; you think my brother is cute and you hang out with me because you hope I'll say something nice about you to him so he'll want to take you away and have incredibly annoying, stupid little babies with you."

"You're a real bitch, you know that? And okay, yes, I think Lincoln's cute but I hang out with you because you're cool when you aren't in a bad mood."

"I'm not in a bad mood and I'm not a bitch, girl's are bitches I'm an asshole."

"No, you're being a bitch and I think you're pre-menstrual. Do you need to borrow a pad or are you covered?"

"I'm covered, thanks. Think you could shut up now so I can watch the movie please?"


"Stop staring at me."

"You're really pretty, you know that?"

"Did you know that, contrary to popular belief, the fact that I like guys does not mean that I'm female?"

"But you are pretty like a girl."

"One day I'm going to punch you very hard in your face."

"No you won't because Lincoln would beat you like a drag queen at a tractor-pull if you hit a girl."

"No he wouldn't, he's hit girls before and he knows they deserve it sometimes."

"Just because you're small and womanly doesn't mean you count as hitting a girl."

"Funny. He really has though you know, he's hit like three girls and he choked mom once."

"Really? Why?"

"According to him mom said something that made him mad and he didn't mean to but she was like an inch off the ground. It actually looked a little cool, except for the choking. And then once he hit a lady from social services who called me a liar and then he broke Kim's collarbone because she threatened to call the cops on us. He actually beat her pretty bad but the collarbone is what sticks out most in my mind because she actually went to the hospital for that."

"Wow. ...What about the other one?"

"Kim --not the same one as the collarbone-- she was in City of Angels with us. She picked on us non-stop but one day she just went too far, she crossed the line and Lincoln just socked her right in the face. He broke her cheekbone and she still had a black-eye when I left. It was cool."

"I... I didn't know you guys were in a group-home."

"That's because we never told you."

"No really, you think? Moron. That's why you got all scared when the cops were here the other day, isn't it?"

"Lincoln would get arrested and I'd get sent back to another group-home, probably Erin-House. That's where they send the kids who need special attention."

"Why would he get arrested? He's over eighteen and a close blood relation, wouldn't they want you to be with him? Unless he doesn't have custody of you, why doesn't he have custody of you?"

"You know for someone who acts like such a complete idiot most of the time you sure do know a lot."

"Eat me."

"Not if even if you were covered in barbecue sauce."

"Thank you. And you really aren't going to get me off the topic that easily: Why doesn't he have custody of you?"

"Because people are stupid and I have a note on my files saying I'm not supposed to be around him."

"What? What kind of note? What people? What-- I have so many questions now..."

"Good. Now you can keep them to yourself and you can look convincing when you say you're thinking."

"See this? It's me ignoring you. Okay, in order of importance: Why doesn't Lincoln have custody of you? Who are --and don't be a smart ass-- the stupid people? What kind of note and what file?"

"Okay, A: Because. B: The kind that stupid people put in other people's files. C: The bad kind of note, and D: My file."

"Smart ass. Tell me the truth or you're getting a purple nurple."

"Touch me and I'll kill you."

"Tell me or I'll touch you. You know I'll do it."

"Fine. Mom died, we ran, we got caught, something happened, Lincoln and I fought, I told something, someone else told something first, we got split up, Lincoln turned eighteen, I ran, here we are."


"Ow! Why did you hit me? I told you the truth!"

"I hit you because you're an idiot. Trying to find something out from you is like pulling teeth! Say it with me Michael: Details."

"Well you aren't getting them --Ow! Stop hitting me!"

"Then stop acting like a baby."

"I'm not acting like a baby."

"Yes, you are."

"No, I'm not."

"Are too."

"I'm not doing this."

"Come on Michael, who am I going to tell? I know one person not related to you and that's my dad."

"If I find out you told anyone I will never speak to you again. I'm not kidding, not a single word, I will go out of my way to ignore you. Actually I want you to pinkie-swear you wont tell anyone."

"I'm sorry, are you really fifteen? Tell the truth, you're a four-year-old, aren't you?"

"Do it or you learn nothing."

"Fine, fine, I pinkie-swear. Now tell me."

And that's where I hit the brick wall.
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