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Death Penalty Opinions

Okay. Part of my paper is opinions and crap on th death penalty. Anyone have anything to add? I'm kinda out of thoughts right now

My Name Here


1) A)Three reasons we should televise executions:

1) The ratings would be excellent. People would watch it non-stop and it would be the ultimate reality television.

2) It might make people think twice about premeditated murder. Watching someone actually be killed for their crime may possibly deter others.

3) The victims and their families may, in some cases, feel better if the person who committed the crime(s) was made to pay in front of the entire nation/world.

B) Three reasons we shouldn't televise executions:

1) It runs the possibility of desensitizing people towards death.

2) There is no known proof that the death penalty deters anyone except for the person being executed.

3) There will always be stupid people in the world who will do anything for attention and it may encourage some people to kill for that everlasting fame.e

2) A) A persons gender shouldn't be considered when considering the death penalty.

If a women decides she’s going to go out and kill fourteen people just because and a man causes a car crash the woman should not be given lesser punishment then the man just because she is of the “fairer sex.”

2) B) A persons age should be considered when considering the death penalty.

Yes and no. I think it should be done on a case-by-case basis. If a fifteen-year-old is playing with another kid and accidentally kills them then maybe giving him the death penalty is a bad idea. However? If twelve-year-old take a gun into a school and just starts shooting then maybe height not be able to be rehabilitated. I donut think giving a set age is a good idea because what it says is that if Person A turns eighteen tomorrow and kills someone today he’s fine and dandy and set for prison but if Person B waits until his birthday and kills when he’s eighteen he gets the needle.

3) A person’s mental capacity should be considered when considering the death penalty.

If someone doesn't have the mental capacity to understand that what they did was wrong then they most definitely shouldn’t be held to the same standards as everyone else.


4) A) How many inmates are on death row?



B) How many men and how many women?

All men, no women.


C) What is the racial breakdown?

Five White, three African-American, two Latino.


D) When was the last execution of a man?

Andrew Kokorleis – March 1999.


E) When was the last execution of a women?

Marie Porter – January 28th, 1938.


F) What is the average age of inmates on death row?

Insufficient information available to answer question.


G) How many inmates have been executed?

348 before 1976, 12 since 1976.


H) An interesting story about an inmate:

September 12, 1990. Illinois. Charles Walker.Lethal Injection. Because of equipment failure and human error, Walker sufferedexcruciating pain during his execution. According to Gary Sutterfield, anengineer from the Missouri State Prison who was retained by the State ofIllinois to assist with Walker's execution, a kink in the plastic tubing goinginto Walker's arm stopped the deadly chemicals from reaching Walker. Inaddition, the intravenous needle was inserted pointing at Walker's fingersinstead of his heart, prolonging the execution.

Keep in mind that I shall be sleeping in a few hours and may not be able to respond or anything. And this doesn't have any of the things I asked about earlier because I'm fucking stupid. *Goes back and fixes in Word*
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