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Capitol Punishment in Illinois


Okay. I have a problem. I waited until the last possible minute to do my paper and now my internet keeps crapping out on me. I realize that there are like five people online right now and only two of you are probably reading this but... If anyone can help me answer any question or direct me to a site that can help you'd be my hero.

I've already been to DeathPenaltyInfo.Org and Illinois Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty and found my other questions but... Yeah. Help?

1) What is the racial breakdown of the 10 men on Death Row in Illinois?

2) When was the last execution of a man in Illinois?

3) When was the last execution of a woman in Illinois?

4) What is the average age of inmates on Death Row in Illinois?

5) What are the chemicals in the lethal injection or what do they do?

Don't think that I'm asking you guys to do my work, I'm still hunting it's just... really hard to do when I keep getting booted offline.
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