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Writing Meme, Rules of Evidence

Fic concrit meme. For those of you out there who are afraid that saying something bad might offend me. Don't worry, it really wont, I learn how to write better from people telling me what does and doesn't work for them.

Got a 115 on part one of my RoE exam and 100 on part two of it. Combined total of 215 out of a possible 240 (I think). I rock. Hard.

Tonight I need to do my Capitol Punishiment in Illinois paper and the take-home test for it because both are due tomorrow.

My next exam in RoE is March 7th and 9th.

I really need to make a schedule so I know what things I have due for what when. That way I'll know how long until everything blows up in my face.

I wrote two pages of 11-year-old LJ fic in Constitutional Law today. Having problems figuring out what "Uncle Mike" is wearing though because Michael doesn't really strike me as much oif a "casual wear" sort of guy. I've decided that in 2001 Michael Scofield looked like this and started shaving his head pretty mucy as soon as he came up with The Plan.

Mainly? Because he looks different enough with hair that if you weren't looking directly at him you wouldn't realize he was the same person and Michael's anal-retentive enough in his plan to completely change his looks (As we know) so as not to be caught or easily found. That and he looks completely Dorkorific and cuddlycute.

And? I really didn't mean to write 11-year-old LJ, I was trying for Zsu's boyfriend fic or maybe a Different Lives type thing but it... didn't cooperate so well.

I love this moodset so much!
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