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Prison Break Notes (0103-0113)

Prison Break Notes (0103-0113)

0103 - Cell Test
Michael tells Sara the fear story and that his "brother is a smart man."
Sara still doesn't know Michael and Linc are related.
Chow Hall is shown in this ep.
Linc tries to "cut a deal" with Bellick for more time and a cigarette.
Louis took Lincoln's chains off (Against Prison Regulation) after Lincoln tells him it's his kid out there.
Lincoln refers to Michael as "Mike" to LJ.
Michael and Sucre are in cell 40.

0104 - Cute Poison
In his nightmare Lincoln yells out to Bellick for help and cries and begs him not to "do it [execute him]."
Haywire would rat to Bellick for an easy ride.
Michael's big "Wall O' Plan" has some promo shots for the series on them.
Cellmates can (usually) only be switched with proof of violence or sexual predation.
Pope tells Bellick that when he retires he's going to recommend Bellick for Warden.
Lincoln has been on Death Row for three years.
Michael had little-to-no reaction the first time Sucre hugged him (Stillness and a tinsy smile-type thing).
Louis was the first guard on the scene when Michael bashed his head into the cell Haywire attacked him.
Sucre sings so bad that Linc could hear the screams from the other inmates all the way in his cell on Death Row.

0105 - English, Fitz, and Percy
Abruzzi calls Linc a "Crazy Rhino," Linc calls him "John."
Abruzzi finds out that Linc and Michael are brothers.
Pope finds out that Linc and Michael are brothers.
Chow Hall is seen again.
Fox River has been trying to transfer Westmoreland for ten years.
Sara finds out that Linc and Michael are brothers.
The CO's apparently already know that Linc and Michael are brothers.
Louis spends the time he's "watching" Michael in Pope's office hitting on Pope's secretary.
Lincoln refers to his parent's as "Mom" and "Dad."
Lincoln thinks he abandoned Michael.
The inmates would have to have been able to see Sucre alone in his cell (Before Michael comes back).
Cute Poison Wall Chem Formula is: 3 H2SO1(1) + Ca2(PO4)2(S)+6H20(Q) [Phosphoric acid and sulphate acids].

0106 - Riots, The Drill and The Devil (Part 1)
Veronica has a brownstone in a relatively nice neighborhood.
Sucre thought up the lockdown and turning up the heat; smart one he is.
It's the hottest April on recording according to Sara.
Michael refers to the paternal parent as "Father" (I would've assumed "sperm donor" or something like that.) and called him an abusive drunk.
Sara offers to schedule Michael and Linc's visits so they're back-to-back.
Sara also tells Michael she knows him and Linc are brothers.
T-Bag returns from the infirmary (0104) and is gifted with Seth.
Michael and Sucre hang their sheet for the first time in this episode (Previously they "did laundry.")
T-Bag's family info was in his psych records which Bellick read.
Bellick likely knew about "Teddy" before this episode/incident but saved this information until it was "needed."
Lincoln obviously knows who T-Bag is because he called him by his name ("T-Bag") when he saw him in... where ever that was supposed to be in the way back from Visitation.
The inmate Sara ordered the penicillin for said "Please Sara" to her.
T-Bag refers to Linc as a "gorilla," which is usually a racist term against blacks (I use this term meaning anyone with black skin, no matter where they are or where they're from).
Linc took on about four guys by himself before T-Bag took him down with the baton.
T-Bag spilt Linc's blood when he bitched him with the baton.
Linc knew Turk from before as evidenced by knowing his name.

0107 - Riots, The Drill and The Devil (Part 2)
The Choppers apparently don't see Michael on the roof.
Abruzzi called out negotiations with Pope via a middle-man so as not to get shot.
Linc referred to Michael as "Scofield" to Turk ("You sure Scofield's back here Turk?").
The CO who found out about the whole in Cell 40 (And who T-Bag killed) was named Tyler Robert "Bob" Hudson.
LJ didn't mention "Uncle Mike" when he was watching the riots on television.
Linc "killed" Turk by throwing him off a ledge.
Turk's chest can be seen rising and falling as Linc leaves the shot.
Michael may (Or may not if he was lieing) have been to Baha, Mexico.
Michaelhas been to Thailand ("It's great.").
Michael looked as if he had experience wrestling guys bigger than him (The scene where he hangs on while the guy he's choke-holding pretty much runs in circles.).
Linc called Michael "Michael" while hunting for him in A-Wing.
Linc referred to T-Bag as "the pedophile" to Michael.
Linc charged into the cell and at T-Bag after T-Bag shoved Michael.
Sara knows Michael lied about how he knew the top part of the prison (He claimed PI and she found out they never did PI up there.

0108 - The Old Head
17 days until The Execution.
Michael has been in for "almost three weeks."
CO Bob's wife was named Shauna.
Lucas was the name of Poor Dead Guy who opened V's door to her bomb.
Abruzzi was in Fox River "a few years ago" when the chapel burned down.
LJ stayed with Lincoln for a few weeks the summer before fifth grade.
While LJ was staying with Lincoln Lincoln went out somewhere and when he came back LJ had broken hi glass coffee table.
LJ denied breaking the table even though Lincoln told him that if he told the truth Lincoln wouldn't be mad at him.
Sucre came up with the idea for the rubber cement on the bottom of the coffee pot.
Michael avoided the question when Sara confronted him about his lie (Removing the toxic mold above the prison).
LJ let Hale into the house before asking for identification.
LJ ran downstairs and out the basement window to get out of the house.
LJ watched Adrian die (After Adrian struck Kellerman and told LJ to run).
LJ ran barefoot from his house.
Bellick knew CO Bob since he was 18 and he recommended him for CO.
Louis the Cool Guard = L. Patterson (Yes, me and Phil paused and practically kissed the screen trying to read his nametag.).
Michael arrived in Fox River on 3-09-05.
Westmoreland was bottom bunk in his cell this episode.
Linc&T-Bag interaction this episode (The "You! Shut up." line.)

0109 - Tweener
Mama Scofield raised her boys to help people when they were down.
Bellick got paid by Abruzzi to run PI and other things.
Less than two weeks until the execution.
T-Bag is in the room when Abruzzi calls Linc Michael's brother ("Your brother is going to get us all caught.").
Lincoln knows that CO Stolty has a son named Josh.
CO Stotly lets Lincoln call LJ (Against Prison Regs).
Veronica's phone is disconnected.
Nick's cell phone isn't disconnected and apparently can be gotten by calling Project Justice and asking for it.
Michael has met his psych deductible for his insurance.
Dr. David George Brighton (Clinical Psychiatrist) is the one who treated Michael through his company.
T-Bag looked utterly stunned when Tweener called him a "homo."
"[Michael] suffered from a number of things, among them LLI." --Dr. Brighton.
Michael also apparently had no sense of self-worth and started rescuing other people with no thought of himself (Well duh.)
LJ met Veronica and Nick in New Glarus.
The post-it on the package to Linc from Veronica read: "Mrs. Wheatmen's Sixth Grade Biology Class."
Michael hits T-Bag in the left knee with a crow-bar and warns him to stay away from Tweener in this episode.
Michael and Sucre hang out together in the yard.
T-Bag suddenly has a limp. :P

0110 - Odd Man Out
Bellick wants to buy a house on Lake Grey.
Louis calls Linc "Linc."
C-Note's been working in th kitchen for the past eight months.
Sara turns twenty-nine in this episode.
Ten days until Lincoln's execution.
Vice President Caroline Reynolds from Montgomery Illinois.
Roz and Reese are two other inmates on Death Row.
Falzonie paid Bellick the day before he got popped.
Linc and Lisa used to live together.
Linc's head was shaved in the flashback with Little!LJ (LJ looked to be about seven or eight years old.).

0111 - Sleight of Hand</i>
Lincoln didn't look surprised at the announcement of Michael's conjugal.
Michael knew Nika when she got to America and was staying in a motel by the airport.
Sucre didn't seem very happy when he found out Michael was married and didn't tell him.
Tweener is Westmoreland's cellie.
Michael and Nika got married the day before he robbed the bank.
Tweener snagged the wallet off an off-duty cop.
Westmoreland's daughter is at Sacred Heart in Indianapolis.
Tweener faked a seizure in Chow Hall to nab Michael's watch for him.
Veronica has a background in Real Estate Law.
"Attention inmates: The Weight Pile is off limits until further notice."
Bellick's a regular in the club where Nika dances.
Nika is relatively new to America, possibly only a few months in the states.
Nika told Bellick she gave Michael a credit card.
Sara told Michael "No more favors." Was she referring to Lincoln and Michael's semi-overlapping appointments? Cause that would be totally whorey.
Four days until the escape.
Lincoln "knows Michael's faces." Meaning that he could tell something was wrong by Michael's face.

0112 - And Then There Were Seven
Abruzzi's kids are young (Six at the oldest maybe).
C-Note calls Michael "College boy."
C-Note knows Michael and Lincoln are brothers (As of at least this episode).
Jimmy lives in Gary (Indiana).
Abruzzi was gonna pick up Jimmy and just hold him for a few days without hurting him.
Lisa's funeral is in this episode.
Jimmy used Jimmy Jr. as a shield.
Abruzzi doesn't like killing kids.
Maricruz tells Sucre she's pregnant with his son and that Hector proposed to her.
Maricruz tells Sucre she hasn't given Hector an answer yet.
Sucre was happy and excited when he head he was gonna be a Dad.
Louis let Sucre and Maricruz talk for a tinsy bit past time and then patted Sucre on the shoulder when she left.
LJ can drive (Which makes him at least fifteen and a half).
Abruzzi is top bunk in his cell.
When Abruzzi in his his cell with the Father and being told to accept Christ Phil threw his arms in the air in a "V" and yelled "Yay! Go Jesus!"
Sucre's making a list of baby names ().
T-Bag keeps referring to Jimmy Jr. as a "beautiful boy." (I find it really very creepy.)
Maricruz is "all [Sucre's] got."

0113 - The End of the Tunnel
36 hours away from Linc's execution.
Michael now knows Sucre has a kid on the way.
Sara didn't ask about Michael's arm when we saw them in the infirmary (After he cut it open.).
PI starts at four and apparently ends at five.
Michael and Sucre hugged before leaving for PI (So much gay).
Michael gave Sucre's rosary to the Father to give to Michael.
The rosary was Sucre's mother's.
Lincoln called the Father "Rev."
9pm is breakout time.

And that's where DiVX seizured. *Molests icon and posts*
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