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Notes and fairy tales and saints and incesty brothers...

Took four pages of notes for Boondock Saints. It's pretty much a small play-by-play of the movie.

Still typing up the Prison Break notes I fell asleep doing last night.

lissa_bear is wondering in her LJ how many PB people would be willing to do a Fairy Tale Challenge, I think everyone should do it because I'd totally be willing to help with bunnies or anything else for anyone who wanted to do it.

Checking my email and then typing while checking my FList.

It occurs to me that me and my Mom have a special relationship. I was checking my mail and I told Mom about the ladder-piercing and what happened when I linked to a couple of pictures. Her first response? "I wanna see." Dude, my Mommie rocks. Although I possibly didn't need to know that my step-dad wanted to get a ladder done until Mom talked him out of it...

Okay. So yes, still doing things.

And? Dominic has tattoos but Lincoln seems to only have them in the flashback in episode four. I will picspam soon with further proof.

*Muah* Love you all!
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