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Randomness. This was started yesterday.

King of the Hill is on. Hank's driver's license says he's a woman.

Peggy keeps making jokes about her and Hank being lesbians. This show is cool.

Dale: I am your worst nightmare! I have a three line phone and nothing at all to do ith my time!

You know what's surprisingly good? Tuna and egg salad on white bread. Mmm.

Also? People seem to really want fic with people walking in on Linc/Michael. Anyone have a fest in mind?

Michael and Veronica in the viewing room. Oh my fucking god I'm almost crying. A fucking preivew for a TV show and I'm almost fucking crying. And Lincoln being fucking dragged down the fucking hall? Augh. Even though I know it's from 0113.

Does anyone know where I can DL the Fox Previews, because I need to study and theorize on every last bit of it. It is so freakin' hard to stay spoiler-free in tis fandom, not because peopl don't cut but because I'm so fricken' tempted to click on the cuts every time.

Did you know that before you're strapped into the electric chair the shove cotton up your rectum and strap a diaper on you because the electricity fries your nerves and your muscles loosen and your bowels evacuate? And did you know that your eyes explode sometimes from the sheer amount of power? And? That people often catch fire in the chair? I may have said all this before and I'm sorry if I sound like I'm lobbying for a cause or anything; I'm studying capitol punishment in one of my classes and these things keep popping into my head whenever I picture Lincoln in the chair.

Woke up this morning to a dream on my edges of my mind. I had an awesome upper body tat that I really want now. It was black and blue and looked kinda like Rusty's tribaly-shark from Ocean's 11. I was with DMX and we were filming a movie and apparently there was a huge (Bigger than a room) bed up against a wall (Or myabe it was a bridge actually) that we were supposed to slide down but DMZ kept grabbing on the the top edge of it and pulling it down on us. I have noe idea what the movie was about but DMX was the star and apparently part of what we were shooting took place over three decades and I remember seeing a three-way split-screen with him with chicks on both outside screens and a guy on the inside one. I think I subtexted the movie split-screen in my dream.

Am now in the middle of a PB marathon with kygn. Just finished 0109, abaout to start 0110. Taking notes on the episodes, will post when done. SHould make it all the way to 0113 tonight before Phil has to leave. Will also be typing up my notes for a possible PB/BDS/SPN Crossover. You're all h0rs. *Muah's you all*

Ramen is hard to eat with bent chopsticks. :( Phil wants Teen Titans chocolates so he can eat Robin. "Actually I'd rather eat Superboy but that works too." There is talk of Kryptonite and chains.

And? He wants Michael/Tweener. So somebody should really get on that because I'm totally not alone in the Tweener love.

Phil has scared off The Narcoleptic Wonder (Steffi, Joseph's girlfriend) with images of her and Joseph's hair cut off and turned into hair dolls.

Do. Not. Ask.
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