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Prison Break Wishlist

I have an idea that was blatantly stolen from apocalypsos. It's a wishlist. What I'm going to do is post mine right here. Then? I want everyone reading this to make no of there own and post it. After that you are all going to drop a link to your post in the comments here and I'm going to add your wishlists to the bottom of this post.

In theory? It works like a less detailed bunny-auction; someone sees something that piques there intrest they write it and drop you a link. You then put links to the stories inspired by the lists at the bottom of the list.

Was that too complicated? I think I may have made that harder to understand then it should have been.

1) Make a wishlist and post it to your LJ.
2) Leave a link to your wishlist in the comments to this post.
3) Pimp this out.
4) If you write something off someone's wishlist leave them a link to the fic/icon/art/whatever.
5) Keep on spreading the word.

My Prison Break Fic Wishlist (In no particular order)

1) Boondock Saints/Prison Break crossover. In pretty much any way shape or form.

2) More AA3 stories--not typing the title because I'm in the campus library.

3) Something fluffy. Just random fluff that has no real need to be anywhere. Sucre singing along to his radio and thinking of his Mom or Abruzzi and his kids during visitation or something like that. This fandom needs fluff.

4) Michael and Lincoln fighting. Punching and kicking and biting and beating the crap out of each other. Knock-down, drag-out fighting.

5) There's this place in Arizona called Skateland, it's a rollerskating rink. Once a month they have (Or myabe had) an All-Nighter. An All-Nighter is like $20 per person and it goes from 6pm-8am. They have all sorts of contests and games and stuff and every two hours they'll have a couples skate. Siblings and couples and friends and everyone always go out on the rink and skate to a slow, schmoopy song-- the only rule is that only two people can skate together, no more, no less. I wanna see Linc and Michael as kids in the couple's skate.

6) T-Bag just randomly blathering on during PI, trying to get everyone's goat (I never understood that saying at all really).

7) Something with Tweener.

8) Something with Sucre.

9) Linc and T-Bag interaction. I'm not sure I can explain how much I love T-Bag pissing Linc off and Linc coming thisclose to hitting T-Bag on a constant basis.

10) I have this image in my head. Veronica's school is having some sort of formal dance and she's making Linc take her to it. He really doesn't wanna go but she forced him and told him to "come in his best dress." So now I have this image of Linc and Michael sitting on the El Train in Chicago and Michael giggling quietly next to Lincoln because Linc has decided he's going to be an ass and is currently wearing a hideous goodwill dress on the way to pick Veronica up.

11) Supernatural/Prison Break crossover. Again, anything at all really.

12) Sick/In Pain Michael.

13) Crazy!Mama!Scofield fic. I blame this on thelana and callmetofu in order.

14) An "Outsiders" fic. Something from the POV of a non-star character. For this sake I'm gonna say that if the character has a name on the show and more than twenty lines they have some star-power. That means Louis the guard is in, Nick is out. Maytag is in Seth... might be out. Not sure on that one...

15) Rain. It's been 122 days since anywhere in the state of Arizona has had any rain. If we're really lucky we might get some sprinkles on Sunday but I doubt it. I? Want fic where it's pouring rain. Rain, sleet, snow, slush, hail, you name it I want it. And in Chicago? There's a saying: "Don't like the weather? Wait five minutes, it'll change." It can go from nice and sunny to hail in minutes, trust me, I know.

16) Snow. I want these guys to act like little kids in the snow. It's been years since any of them have been able to be around snow without the fear of their Tough-Guy Rep getting knocked down and them getting killed. I want a snowball fight. I want Sucre to start it and Lincoln to drag Michael in and I want LJ to thoroughly cream every last one of them, I want runny noses and numb hands and slush-balls (Which splatter and drip and fall apart) and ice-balls (which hurt and sting and leave you red like a fist to the solar-plexus) and forts and angels and anything else you can think of.

17) Bellick fic. I... I know exactly why I want it and it's sad because in my head I've made him a really cool character but I'm not sure I can write him until I've seen some more stuff with him. Damn.

18) Prison Break/Angel: the Series. Son of a bitch. This just popped out at me because of veradeath. Angel Investigations (Cordy will accept any case for money) or Wolfram and Heart (Can we say "Lincoln's new lawyers" anybody?) or really anything at all... Damn.

19) Snark. Just any kind really with anyone really. This is mainly A) An excuse to give people free reign and make them be one with the snark. And B) An excuse to get to number twenty so I don't have an odd number.

20) Pop-culture. I want to hear Our Idiots talking about movies and TV shows and comics (Six points of you make Linc a comic!Geek) and music and other normal things. Bonus if you get two or more characters argueing over something. Twenty-million points to the first person to give me LJ reading Superstitious Berettacest.

This will probably keep growing if everything goes according to plan.

thelana? You mind if I cross this to the Bunny Palace?

*Smooches her Dorky!Sucre*

Other Wishlists
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