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So bored. And tired. And hungry.

What's something I never thought I would have to text my mother? The correct answer is: Ew. I dont want good sex kthnx

Sawyer's nicknames and their refrences.

Gacked from makealimb

01. Do you think fandoms affected you and your real life?
02. How many languages can you speak? Which would you like to speak?
03. Where would you like to live and why?
04. What was your first fandom crush?
05. Name the last movie you saw/cd you bought/book you read.
06. How much time do you spend on computer every day?
07. Do you have more real-life friends or online friends?
08. What is your current occupation/job/uni/etc.? Is there something else you'd rather be doing?
09. What/who is your biggest fandom obsession at the moment?
10. Finish the sentence: I would like to see you make more icons of ______________.

About to try and upload a PB moodtheme. Blargh,

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