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Supernatural - Post 3 - Spoilers

Officer-lady's--oh brother. I was gonna say husband.

...I was gonna call her brother her husband. This is all kygn's fault.

"Hey! You're a civilian. And a felon I think." I like her.

Dude! Dean! I knew she was gonna cuff him. The fucking mook. Dean, that is.

She's pregnant! Inbreeder! It's T-Bag momma! Oh dude. I need caps of her because I'm totally seeing her--Oooh! Ooh! Ow. Fucking pain dude.

Come on Dean! You can do it! Reach! I love him lifting his leg like it'll make his arms longer or something. Yay baby! Yay! Woo!

Damn. I thought she was Sammy. Heh.

(I cuffed him to my car) Don't worry he's okay. Sammy knows.

Yay! I knew it was him!

Accent on the "Bitch". Bayeetch.

Mm. '85 black mustang. Yummeh.

See. That? Was some closecousinlove!

I still think that one chick (The little girl) is T-Bag's momma.

Fake-ass pictures.

"Demon's I get. People are crazy." Love me some Dean!

Dinner time mebbeh? Ooh! Ohew! Bones! Mm. Midnight snack.

Viggo was hotter when he was a cannible.

The music is a kinda nice touch, not contr--EEW TEETH! OHMYGOSH!

Dayum! She fucken stabbed him!

Ooh! Fight!

Ha! "I'm gonna kick your ass first. And then yours!" *Whump* He was trying to be one of Charlie's Angels. Aww.

Lotsa headaches so far.
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