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Prezzies! Post 1 of... ?


Title: Calm.
Status: Complete
Rating: G
Fandom(s): Prison Break
Characters: Lincoln, Michael, Sara
Disclaimer: Not mine, not real.
Prompt: 066 - Rain

Lincoln is lounging in a chair on the back porch. It's been raining for at least the last four hours and he looks as if he's just come in from playing in it. His shoes are missing his socks are a wet ball near the doorway and his pants are coated in still-runny mud up to somewhere near the middle of his calf. He has a smile on his face and a ciggarette in his hand and Michael sitting right next to him, looking peaceful and mud-splattered if a little annoyed at the smoke the wafts towards him every few seconds.

Sara leans against the door and can't help but smile at the sight of the two men looking so... Calm.

[Inspirations: TheLana and Elissa]


Title: One thirty-seven ae em
Status: Complete
Rating: G
Fandom(s): Prison Break
Characters: Lincoln, Michael, Abruzzi, Sucre, C-Note, T-Bag
Disclaimer: Not mine, not real.
Prompt: 055 - Spirit

One thirty-seven ae em.

Sucre is flat on his back on the ground, pillows traded for a blanket he shares with the man next to him. One arm is thrown over his head, the other out to the side, bent up against the edge of the ratty motel bed. His prison-issue boxers are a familiar feeling that contrasts the soft K-Mart socks he wears on his feet for the first time in seven years.

C-Note is curled on his side in a fetal position, sleep belieing his hidden fear at being trapped in a room with people who have committed real crimes and killed real people and done things he's only claimed to do to keep himself safe in his neighborhood and in Fox River. As the hatchet-man in his dreams comes closer C-Note pulls away another portion of blanket from Sucre.

T-Bag sleeps the sleep of the just. He lays flat on his stomach, two pillows beneath his head with his arms laced through the pillows and the matress on his side of the bed. There's an easy smile on his face and his dreams are memories of murders he has not yet committed.

Abruzzi is not asleep. It is his watch until three ae em, at which point he will wake up C-Note and pray that he may get some sleep before the sun rises. His back is against the door and the drapes are duct-taped to the walls so no one can see inside. The television is stuck on some low-budget porno and Abruzzi wonders how he went from penthouses and maids to this.

Lincoln sleeps heavily, his too-thin pillow shoved inside Michael's too-thin pillow and propped under his head, bending his neck up and back. This time after the hood is pulled down his mother lifts it back up. Her black hair is shiny and her smile is real as she undoes the straps on his chair and tells him he's not ready yet. In his sleep there's a smile on his face and tears in his eyes.

Michael's head is pillowed on his big brother's chest, one arm under Lincoln's shoulder, the other across his chest. On leg lies next to Lincoln's and the other is pulled up and over his abdomen; just like they used to sleep when they were younger. Michael inhales deeply in his sleep and he knows that everything is going to be alright.
Tags: fic, fic genre: gen, fic pairing: none, fic rating: g, fic: prison break, flist love, prezzies

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