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Test Taking and Valentine's love

Okay. Test one, part one is over. Next test is in twenty-four minutes (1106 At the moment).

May have just bombed out Rules Of Evidence.

Test one, part two is Thursday.

Test one is a combined total of forty questions worth a combined total of 200 points. Two freebies (Phone-A-Friends) on each test and we don't find out our grades until next Tuesday.

*Freaks out*

Test two is in Constitutional Law.


I am so completely fucked.

I have to do my report on capitol punishment tonight and tomorrow I have to go to Wally World and get my Mom stuffties for her birthday.

I have a V-Day surprise for my FList but I can't start it now because in fifteen minutes I have to be back to class.

You guys may even like the prezzie if I get it/them right.

What made me think 67 credits of AJS would be easy?

*Less than three's you all*
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