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Mini-metas, tangents that have nothing to do with the topic, and Heroes.

Why does everyone have to be beautiful in fic?

I have a total realism kink. I love it when things aren't perfect and I love the imperfections that people have. My idea of the people Michael has in The Escape Plan? Are two sets of brothers even slashier than him and Lincoln Are real people.

There's a heavy-set native girl with long hair, a Mexican girl with thick muscles and a shaved head and a deep-voice who gets pissed at being mistaken for a guy, a guy who's heavy-set and unpopular and kinda scared of people who may or not be named Bradley after his father, he won't make up his fucking mind!, and a handful of other people who look varying degrees of normal.

And a couple of hardcore esses who are just completely dick-whipped by Michael. The last two are mainly to throw Sucre a curve-ball to the side of his neck though really.

Angsting Protagonists not eating in fic and female writers.

I'm not entirely sure what the person who wrote this is trying to say. I think she's complaining because when she reads fic and someone depressed instead of overeating they don't eat. I can't speak for other people but I? Am a pig and I'm always hungry. Unless I'm PMSing, or upset. Why? Because when one of those is happening I feel nauseous and icky and sometimes the mere thought of food makes me feel vomity. So? I don't eat. Of course I have weird eating habits, I can easily go for days on end without eating and then just completely pig out on like two huge bowls of tuna noodle casserole.

My younger brother? Not big on food in general. When he gets upset? He hits walls and floors and metal and breaks his knuckles and tears them up. If it's something about Steffie (His girlfriend, the cunt)? He tends to throw his phone and just completely and utterly breaks. But he doesn't break easy.

My older brother? Is manic-depressive and bipolar and was a self-mutilator who self-medicated with drugs and burned/cut/beat himself foryears. He believes very firmly that going to prison was a good thing for him, it taught him how to right himself and if it weren't for prison he'd probably be dead now.

Heroes! OMG I CAN’T WAIT! Apocalypses and things like that are groovy but super-powers are my mad love and bread-and-butter. I’m Sci-Fi and Comic all the way and this just… Oh man I will stalk this show obsessively if it gets picked up.

Dial-up keeps knocking me offline and it's starting to fucking piss me off. Really a fucking lot. I'm at 14.4 Kbps right now. My new glasses make my eyes hurt.
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