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Bribery and Time-Management

Okay here's the thing.

I'm still doing crack_van but I need more help from you guys. Specifically from someone who's good at coding and has some free time.

I need a source list for the Recs. What that mean is that I need someone to run through The Rec Rec Post and do me a favor and grab the links and... code them. Hell, I don't need anything fancy just an email with a notepad attachment with the links like this: - Title - Author

If no one wants to do it that's totally okay, I'll get around to it eventually, it would just save me a lot of time.

Speaking of time? I lack it now apparently. Actually it's more that I don't plan any actual time for anything. More on that later.

Anyone hear about the news? Four guys in Chicago broke out of prison. The crimes ranged from Armerd RObbery to Murder and two of them were caught earlier today. See? These guys didn't have a good Plan.

*Pimps prison_details with her shiny homemade Chicago icon*
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