BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

What the fuck dude?

This is disgusting. I am chewing Bubblicious Watermelon Wave right now. I have been chewing the same three pieces for about an hour or so now.

I kinda wanna vomit.

It tastes like bubblegum now. I hate the taste of bubblegum.

I took bubblegum flavored bactrim for... like nine years. The mere taste of bubblegum makes me want to throw up like ninety-something percent of the time. At fandomhigh I even had Jack throw a massive bitch-fit in the clinic once because someone tried to give him bubblegum flavored medicine.

House gave Jack O'Neill two red lollies for vomiting on Ms. Parker from The Pretender. It was awesome.

And now I just threw it out. Bleh.

And now I'm hunting for some Stargate icons and FH icons for this journal. And? I totally forgot to have Jack sign in to classes today so he needs to do that.

Tags: random

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