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Went to the ER again yesterday. It is now official. I have sprained my knee. That means I tore some ligaments and need to see my doctor who will refer me to an orthapedic surgeon. Right now I have a knee brace on that goes from mid-calf to mid-thigh and doesn't allow my knee to bend. Sitting is hard, right now I have it prooped on the part under the desk that curves in a 1/2 circle to hold all the computer wires. I don't remember if Math B has one of those...

Math B is where I spend my afternoons by the way.

ETA: My leg hurts cause keeping it on the railish thing is bending it up the wrong way. But it's either that or sit with 1/2 my ass on the edge of the chair. Oy.

Teh Uber Pale is Aiden, he is the womanly man. The one in both strips is Ray, I'm the retard who didn't stop talking (In the right one) and has her mouth open and 1/2 open in all the shots and EdAddie is the one who's smiling in the bottom left-hand corner of the top left piccie. These were taken at Rocky on Saturday (Pre-Ouchies) and we had all planned on jumping in and out and getting everyone one 1 strip, but the picture were too quick. That'd why Aiden is staring in space in the 3rd left pic (He looks like a girl!).

I will speak for myself and explain my expressions. In the first one I'm mid-laugh. 2 I'm laughing again/still, 3 I think I may actually have posed for and 4 I think I was mid speak/yell.
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