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Spoilers for Lost 02Whatever this is (The Sawyer ep)

Sawyer's yummy.

Chahlie tried to drown Aaron? Damn I missed a lot in one ep.

And a bad con. I really need more Ocean's 11/Lost (Sawyer) Crossover fic.

Hurley: Hey man, you gonna put the lime in the coconut and drink 'em both up?

Every time they (Ana in this case) mention The Army I remember this awesome fanfic I read. I don't remember much except that it was back in Season One when Claire got taken; everyone armed up and taped the knives in their hands to keep from dropping them. It was... an awesome fic ad that's all I remember.

Damn that was a quick rainstorm. It's almost like they're in Chicago.

How dies Kate know Sun's scream?

So much love for Jin in just one tiny glimpse.


I switch to Bones just in time to see Booth talk about Dark Nerds and how they can go all Columbine on you.

Fucking dickwad. Still love the kid though, even if I can't remember his name.


Sawyer knows a lot about hoods, huh?

A band aid? That's his big disguise? WTF dude?

Ooh, that's pretty good actually. Make like you robbed somewhere. Nice.

Why can't Kate and Jack just not be there?


Bones again. They're talking to some chick who's calling other people posers and talking about Warren and Citizen 14.

Ow! Stabbed in the spinal cord! Owies. Babbeh.

Hee-hee, subtext.

Aw. Poor sick kid.


Jack: You mean Steve, Scott's dead.
Ana Lucia: Scott, Steve...


(Jin) What's he saying? What's he saying?

...And now he wants a gun. Oy.

Oh fer cryin' out loud! Can Ana Lucia please kill Kate? Please?

Why do I think Sawyer's gonna get scammed like in Matchstick Men. Especially since he just explained to her what a Long Con was.

Oy. "Let's go find an island somewhere [...]" Oy. You know he got conned hardcore.

Locke: Why are you telling me this?
Sawyer: Cause it'll piss off Jack.

Oh man, I loved Locke asking Sawyer for help. That was disturbingly cool.


David is still hot. And I really wanna see him bust Angel on something because I'm crossover!horny lately.


Oh dude! Kate's mom! HIDDEN BACKGROUND! I totally knew before we saw her, I recognized Zelda's voice.

Oh dude. He pulled the long con! Rockage!

It's disturbing how hot it is to hear anyone call him James. *Whimper* And he's a big woobie.

Jack: What are you doing here?
Sawyer: One second, I'm like thisclose to the high score on Donkey Kong.

*Groans* I want to lick Jin. Daniel Dae Kim is yummy.

That (Sawyer throwing the pills) reminds me, I totally thought Sawyer was the one on the anti-psych's earlier this ep.


It's so fucked up that they divvied his stuff and wouldn't give it back!

*Groans* Guh so sexy Ohmahguh. Yes, I actually said that.


I think I liked it better when he didn't care about some chick. Though maybe it's just because Cassidy's so stupid...

Yeah Kate, he played you. Suck it cock-wrench. Yeah, he wants people to hate him. We remember this from his first episode. Why don't you fuck-head?

Re: The "Mystery Manuscript" Hurley found. apocalypsos eats my brain.

Hurley saying that the radio waves could come from any time? Rocks.

Charlie being the big baddie and teaming up with Sawyer was fucking awesome. Dommeh is Teh Rocks.

And? I love that Sawyer conned the fuck out of Cassidy. He's bad and I love it!

The previews for next week are what make me this show's bitch.
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