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Okay. I'm on the bus in like a half an hour fifteen minutes to head to Nationwide for my eye-thing.

My mom calls me up to give me a warning. See there's this guy at my Mom's work who has these visions --And right here is where I tell everyone who's laughing right now to eat me-- and he has a pretty good track record with them.

According to him the next time I get on a bus with a woman driver I need to sit down in one of the seats up front; facing forward holding on to the seat in front of me. The bus is going to get in an accident (Or slam on the breaks hard) and if I sit like I usually do (Up in back sideways with my back against the window) I going to get hurt. I don't mean hurt like when I tore my ACL, I mean hurt like my face is going to slam into the hard plastic part of the seat.

This kid once predicted that my Joseph was going to be sitting at home one weekend and his girlfriend was going to call him and something was going to happen where my brother was going to be choking some older guy and he was going to get arrested for it. Joseph turned of his phone that night (Which he never does) and when he turned it on he found out his girlfriend's step-dad had tried to beat the crap out of her.

If Joseph hadn't turned off his phone he would've answered it and hopped a cab there.

Chris (The kid) says he doesn't know when it's going to happen but he knows it's going to be with a female driver and that I'm going to have something (Like maybe my backpack) in my lap. He wants me to make sure I sit facing forward in the front of the bus and I need to be holding on to the seat in front of me so I don't get my face smashed.
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