BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

SN - Part 5 - Spoilers.

Zelda... Lies good. And I like that she covered for them, that was nice. But I'm not sure I liked the look on her face when they left.

I like that Sammy realizes it ain't so bad now. And I love Dean just... standing there.

Love Dean telling Sammy it wasn't his fault.

Love Sammy just kinda... admitting what he did. And Dean just... standing perfectly still.

Dean told him to bend the spoon! *Snerk* Cute.

Aww, Dean won't let anything happen to his baby brother! I loved that, Dean is just so sure that he can protect Sammy from everything.

Vegas! I knew it! I knew he was gonna say Vegas! Ha!

Nice. Liked this ep. The kid who played Max looks gross though.
Tags: fandom:, supernatural

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