BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

SN - Part 4 - Spoilers.

Poor Max, poor Sammy. Poor babies! Their abilities started at the same time suddenly. Not good.

Nope. I knew Max wasn't gonna do it.

Max is fucking creepy looking. Jared? Is pretty. Max is "bad"--NO! He locked him in the closet?

No! Nonononono! No! Dean! *Gasp* He threw him! Don't shoot him! Sammy will kill you! Oh no. Dean's gun. Dean's gun --OMG! HE CAN'T DIE? IT'S GOTTA BE--

HOLY SHIT? He's telekinetic too? Oh no, I think Sammy's gonna kill him. PLease no, come on Max, listen to him.

WHAT THE FUCK?! He shot himself! And Sammy's face? Creepy like fucking hell dude.

Tags: fandom:, supernatural

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