BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

SN - Part 3 - Spoilers.

Holy fuck my eyes hurt.

End him? Dean wants to "end" him? Wow. See I'm loving his mindset here, it says a lot about him that he's willing to kill a kid for the sake of the overall good. Man I wanna profile him.

Nonononononononoheseesthegun! No! OMG I think Sammy's gonna kill him! Max is gonna try and kill Dean and Sammy's gonna kill him!

Sammy would make a good hostage negotiater.

Oh Jesus crap. Poor Max. And Sammy looked so... Oy.

I think Sammy might cry. Poor baby. Jared's so pretty!

Holy crap! Burned? Dude, it was the same thing that go there Mom. Holy fuck dude.

Tags: fandom:, supernatural

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