BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

SN Part 2 - Spoilers.

Aw, Dean cares about his car! I love that he doesn't want Sammy chucking in the Mettalicar.

Sammy's becoming Cordelia! I heard a bit of a slip of Jared's accent I think. Too cute!

Oh! Did you hear the gears? That sounded painful. Poor Mettalicar.

They were too late. Poor Sammy, that poor baby! He's gonna be losing it.

D: Our family's not cursed. We just have our... dark spots.
S: They're pretty dark.
D: You're pretty... dark.
Poor little dumbasses.

I have an awkward kink for Sammy and Dean in The Collars. I blame it on...traveller? I think that's what Cee changed her name too.

...And the theme of this episode is Child Abuse. And? Either the kid's doing it or--Visio, It's the kid. Telekineses.

OMG not the eye. NottheyenottheeyenottheeyenotheeyeNOTTHEFUCKINGEYE!

I totally screched. Holy fuck. THE EYE! *Wails*

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