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I should not be allowed to dance.

Last night blew so hard. The plan was for me, Aiden, Heather, Addie, Ray, and Idiot-Boy to go to The Rocky Horror Picture Show @ 9, get in at 11 or so when they start letting people on stage to dance, and then at 2:30 go to Genny's (The gay Denny's) until 6:30AM when the bus starts running again.

Didn't turn out quiet that way.

We all met up @ 9, and everything was going fine until the Free Stage dance before the Pre-Show started. Let me explain that I have no rhythm whatsoever. Marilyn Manson's cover of "Tainted Love" came on and so everyone got on stage to dance. First I grabbed Addie and she jumped on me (Literally) and we started dancing around, then Ray did the same thing next cause he was done head banging. Then Aiden was feeling all left out so he jumped on me too. IT ISN'T AIDEN'S FAULT!!!!!!! Me and Aiden were dancing around along with maybe 50 other people on this small hard wooden stage when all of a sudden someone kicks me in the left knee.

When I say this what I mean is that a large boot/shoe (probably platform) accidently connected right with the outside of my left knee and sent it out from under me. Me and Aiden go **BOOM** and I scream and grab my knee. The nurse (Nurse Nana) shooed everyone else off the stage and they wheeled me out in a wheelchair. She checked my leg and said I had 2 options, she could call 911 or she could call my grandmother, because one way or another it was getting X-Rayed. I opted for option 2. My grandma took me Idiot-Boy and Aiden across the street to the hospital and then Ray and Addie were driven by someone from Rocky. I love the people there.

My grandma eventually took Ray, Addie, and Aiden back to Job Corps while Idiot-Boy stayed with me so I wouldn't be alone (I love my brother!). I went into the ER @ 11:45-Midnight and left at 3:30AM. What did the fucking retard "doctors" say?

"It's just a bruise, go to sleep and you'll be better in the morning." I have slammed both knee's into concrete sliding down a 1/2 pipe, ripping them open and bruising them. I was sore as hell but it wasn't like this. They say I "MAY HAVE" torn some ligiments (Sp?). I haven't cried (Aside from being told I needed a cathader put in recently but that's another story...) in so long I don't remember, but since this happened last night I've been in tears so much it isn't even funny.

I'm pretty sure I tore a few ligiments, I can't straighten or bend my left leg past certain points without nearly crieing/screaming. I have crutches (From my Aunt) that I don't know how to use, I'm uncomfortable, and I'm in so much pain I want to cry. Did I mention they didn't even give me anything for the pain and they paid more attenion to my kinda swollen ankle then to my knee? My knee which is currently twice the size it should be.

If my knee doesn't feel better by school out tomorrow I'm gonna get security to take me to the ER. I'm happy I have insurence.

On the plus side my friends love me! They threw me a mini-welcome home party today and have been helping me since I got back. They've been opening doors for me and moving things so I can get by, and they've been doing so much...Aiden even pulled down my mattress off the top bunk onto the floor for me and Heather got me a plastic bag so I could take a shower (It went over the Chair in the handicapped stall), and last night Addie told me jokes to keep my mind off the pain. I don't remember any of them now but they helped last night. And a random chick at Rocky gave me a rose petal and told me she loved me.


My grandma has been Super-Awesome, putting up with me and helping me too. She drove everyone home last night and she bought them soda's, and she brought out a walker to use while I was at her house (She was even gonna let me bring it here but I knew I wouldn't be able to get around because of how cramped our rooms are and all the people in the hallways), and went out of her way to my Aunt and Uncle's to pick up the Crutches of Death for me.

Also another girl here I know, Lisa, said that when she get's er wheelchair back I can use it, cause it'll be safer then trying to navigate crutches cold-turkey. Okay, Flist now, then mail, then bed. Moo all.

Thank you sanrei and sakura_aideen, I love you both and you are my heroes!
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