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State of the Journal Address

Okay. I was working on a small snip of a thing from thelana's porno bunny, you know, the one with The Boys watching gay porn on accident after the escape?

Except it's not gonna be done so soon I think. Why? Because it snuck up on me and grew a fucking plot!

Son of a bitch.

And? I'm still not able to log in to 2ls_in_oneill so I still can't do shit on fandomhigh. And? I've haven't gotten any email back from the Admins yet so I have no clue what Jack's thing's gonna be. Fucking A' man this is bullshit. This is actually worse then when I had a job because then I had the time to sign in for classes and Jack freaking out an avoiding everyone could be fit in. Now? I have free time and I have the ability to see everything but I can't fucking log in! kygn was able to log on from his computer so I'm thinking the tinkering I did when LJ fucked up, back before I knew it was LJ and thought it was me, may have screwed up my cookies somehow. Though I'm not sure why I can stay logged in to this journal then... Oy.

Spent like three and a half hours on/around the bus today. Traded in the All-In-One for one that works. Photo's being developed tonight. Will be scanned tomorrow.

Was talking to kygn today and he said he saw the pic of B. He then asked why neither of my brothers look anything like me. Mom said I was adopted because she's stupid. Bryon and Joseph (Idiot-Boy) both take more after my Mom (And what we assume is her side, especially for Yussie [Joseph]) who's half native and so they have the dark hair and the dark eyes.

Bryon looks Italian when you see him and he takes after his father's side in that respect, Mom says it's partly because his eyes slant a little bit and that paired with his skin-tone (That picture I posted? He hadn't been outside in like two and a half years.) just makes it so you know right away. The cheekbones help too. Mom, B, and Yussie all have high cheekbones, I don't. Yussie's prominent cheekbones are displayed in the Sneaky Bastard icon you'll see... Well. Right here on this post.

I was born with blonde hair and blueish eyes while everyone else around me... Isn't. I think my hair might be kinda brownish now but that's only what I can see from my roots when they grow in and they've always been kinda dark. My dad has hazel eyes and CJ has blue eyes (Lots of different shades, they actually change depending on the Personality) but the other three all have deep brown.

Trust me, when you see the pictures tomorrow you'll get what I mean, my brothers and me look like three random people who might be cousins or something. It's kinda funny actually.

See how I ramble even without my pills? Speaking of those it's Saturday and only 2246 so I'm waiting a little bit to take them.

And? I have ideas for my PBFE fic. It's going to be good if I can do it right. And if I can't? Well then you'll all see it sooner and I'll figure something else out.

It's officially been 102 days since it rained in all of Arizona. We have now tied our record and tomorrow we will break it. The entire fucking state hadn't had a drop of rain in one hundred and two days. Snow Bowl is just completely fucked and it's hot here and I want it to rain!


Also? It's 52/11 here right now and 2306. That's ridiculous. Tomorrow it's supposed to be a high of 68/20 and a low of 48/6.67. I wish Arizona didn't have to get hot soon.

Today has actually been relatively cool, even with all the near-panic attacks on the bus.

I'm totally about to make a Pimp post BTW, lots of links and things like that. Why? Because.
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