BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

Voice Post: The Internet is for [free] Porn.

238K 1:06
“...Uhm, okay. My phone just broke up but I think it said to start talking or I think I heard the beep, okay. So I'm sitting on the bus, right? I'm writing my outline for... the bunny that TheLana posted and I'm walking in public so I'm only going to refer to it as A.A. 3 because... yes it was the one with the link to the sites with all the ... pictures and... *Ahem*

Anyways. Okay. I'm getting to-- I'm writing down the outline, I'm writing down the lines I need to include in this. I write down: "It's like a train-wreck I just can't look away!" and then I write down: "You don't turn off free--" and then?

The song comes on. And I was about to say the title of the song but I have to wait a moment now. And then the song comes on, I'm listening to my MP3 Player by the way, what song comes on? The Internet is for Porn. I'm about to write the word "porn" and The internet is for Porn comes on. I just-- I *cannot* deal with that irony so I wait until it's over. The next song that comes on? Is the theme to The Batman/Superman Adventures. Huh. Yeah, Someone's trying to tell me something I think.

Okay, just letting you know. Bye.”

Transcribed by: clex_monkie89

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