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Prison Break Fic Exchange.

I just got my prompt for the pbficexchange


This prompt is so perfect for me I might actually be in pain.

The only thing that bugs me is the whole "Do not post until after deadline" thing. Because? March 15th is a bit off. But damn, I...

Okay. Here's the thing. I'm now going to make a filter. This filter? Will include everyone not participating in the PBFE. I realize that there are probably only like two or three people on my FList doing it but I don't wanna take any chances by fucking this up.

My problem is that I don't know who is and isn't writing in it. With the exception of thelana and certainthings the non-writers. And almostforgiven goes on this too because since she sent the prompt something tells me she'll know what I'm writing anyway.

Considering there aren't that many people participating I'm gonna do this tad backwards:

Please drop a comment below if you are participating in the pbficexchange. You will only be filtered through posts pertaining to my story for that.

Also? I'm gonna be needing a spy for me. Because? I want to make sure this is something the Ficee likes. thelana, I'm looking at you. You already go around asking random people what they want to read and things like that. So? I'm recruiting you for help. Because if I ask someone what they want to read? It might set off some bells.

And now I go off to sleep because my fucking brain is swimming in fuzz and the pills have kicked in.

And I asked about PUGNAc and other side effects from stuff over at little_details.

I sleep now. Mmph.
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