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WIPs! And chains! Anal sex and oral sex and WIPs! And Chains! Anal sex and oral sex and...

First off? Is this cute excerpt from tonights Bones.

Cute!Young!Doctory!Boy: This is the type of situation where a person would say "Oh my god."
Hodgins: Pretend you're a person and say it.
Cute!Young!Doctory!Boy: Oh my god.

So. Cute. And? This was the first time I've been home on a Wednesday when a new Lost was on and I didn't watch it. It's... weird. And yet? I only kinda wanna see it.

Also? Matt Damon is hot and adorably, gayly cute. I say this because him and Xena are on--EEW! JOB CORPS COMMERCIAL! EW! FUCK YOU IN THE EYE! ARGH!

...*Ahem* Anyway. I mentioned MD's cutie-pie gay self because him and Xena are currently on a rerun of Bernie Mac.

I was going to type up a Teaser Scene but got distracted. What with the whole me-being-home-alone-and-spazzing-out thing.

And? I can't seem to upload the picture of my brother. This is fucking pissing me off.

Yeah, anyway, without further... adieu? Ado? Whatever. Here's my thing.


1) Linc teaching Michael how to defend himself. Boxing and tiny bit of karate and wrestling. Michael loosing teeth and various bruises, cuts, sprains, scrapes.

2) Research!Michael.

3) Linc walking in on Michael. Bunny saved to HD as "Interuptted," possible tie-in to 12.

4) More John Doe.

5) Sick/In Pain Michael.

6) Michael and Veronica conversation fic. Currently saved to HD as "Michael-Veronica Bitchyness."

7) Anger and how "Our Guys" deal with it. Michael, Sucre, Linc, Westmoreland, etc. Their escape mechanisms. I've actually had something in mind like this too for a while now, their little... habits? Idiosyncrasies. OCDish things, like cracking knuckles in a specific order or picking the peas out of the stew before eating it or something.

8) I have this insanely stupid thought in my head that takes place while Linc and Michael are in different group-homes. I see Michael hearing that Linc went to the hospital for something (Broken bone or bad cut or something fight-related) and then coming up with A Plan. I totally see him bribing some kid into handing off his meds and it backfiring horribly and getting him sent to the hospital with either really bad side-effects or an allergic reaction.

9) A series on neighborhood games. Especially with Veronica. I see playing house and fake weddings and marbles. Marbles is the Poor Kid's Playstation because you can get a 100-pack at the dollar store for a buck. Damn. Tackle-basketball, football, basketball, WWF, etc., etc.

10) PUGNAc side effects. [Note: Still needs to find information on drug. Can only find price of drug in Canada. PUGNAc possibly not released in America yet?]

11) Our Boys and their wounds. (Michael - PUGNAc and the Toe, T-Bag - His knee, Linc - Garotte wound (Neck), LJ - Torn up feet...)

12) Group-Home fic. Michael at the first group home. Saved to HD with six manual pages and going.

13) John Doe/Prison Break tattoo thing. Two lines saved to HD, tad bit of an idea but not much of a way to flesh it out. Possibly a small scene in... 16? Maybe.

14) "Sound" prompt. Two sentences and a vague idea. Prison, night-time, noise.

15) JD/PB-verse. What the hell happened to LJ's hair. The bad dye job and the accompanying complete change of style that is forced upon him to fit in with it.

16) JD/PB-verse. "This is the most inept kidnapping I have ever been a part of."

17) The insomnia bit I mentioned before.

18) Mama Scofield noticing Michael and Linc's claims. Little by little through the years.

19) The Rules that Michael and Linc have broken.

20) More about The Law. Why Linc thinks he broke it and how Michael thinks he hasn't. This is pretty much all I got on it right now I think.

21) Michael's OCD rituals and superstitions. Still not entirely sure how to do this...

22) Linc's first cast. Getting it, signing it, showering, sawing it off, things like that. Normalities.

23) "War Wound" stories (Childhood injuries and such). Scars, lost teeth, fist fights between the brothers, stabbings, bullet-wounds, broken bones, sheer idiocy.

24) Title: The Scofield/Burrows Random Fact Generator. I have a really good idea for this but I'm not entirely sure what... to do. That doesn't make much sense. It's a really good idea IMHO but I... can't think of a plot for it. I don't really want to tell much about it because I like surprises but... I'm not even sure how to explain it. Something tied up in facts. Kinda like "Dem Bones" and Anatomy of a Serial Killer. Like: "Five hundred and forty-five people between the ages of ten and nineteen are murdered each day." Except... you know. Not horribly depressing like all the Statistics I have saved. Weird and random ones. John Doe type of facts. Things like: Only humans and horses have hymens. All I need is a way to string the facts together. Not those two, the ones I pick out.

25) The "To Tell the Truth" thing. I've got a few thoughts on this and a few things spawning from it too.

26) Linc's inside dealings with the A.B. Not really much of anything besides this.

27) What I've loosely dubbed "The Circle K Story" in my head. It takes place in the same verse as "The Difference..." during one or more of the times Linc was in county. Current status: 1 3/4 page hand and growing.

28) That one Kid!Veronica and Kid!Michael story with them meeting. Not much of an interest in it right now though...

29) Something with Tweener in it. [Open to suggestions.]

30) Something with Sucre in it. [Open to suggestions.]

31) Something that isn't horribly fucked up in like eight different ways. [Open to suggestions.]

32) Bellick's opinions on the Inmates and why. Linc, Michael, Sucre, T-Bag, Westmoreland, Tweener, and other random inmates.

33) Nicknames. How they were gotten, what ones stayed, what ones didn't, the lame ones that crashed and burned...

34) Linc and Michael midnight kick-fic.

35) Boondock Saints Crossover. Linc and Michael talking about Connor and Murphy.

36) Young!Linc coming home and hiding from the cops.
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